Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get Ready for "Week in the Life"

Next week we'll be following along with Ali Edwards' "Week in the Life" (Apron Strings is a sponsor! :D) - in addition to "Hop To It" challenges. I'll keep the challenges light with sketches for those who want to participate in Ali's, too. You can click the image above and go to her blog to read up about it and see last year's, but it sounds really fun and I plan to play. She has great ideas of what to collect or maybe a focus you could take. If you did Project 365, something like it or wanted to do it, this is a really great exercise. She talks about prepping for the week, prep is always a good idea, but she is also doing a mini album; I'm sure it'll be awesome, but for me I'm going more simple, though I DO love a mini album. Shoot, I still have my Project 365 to finish and my December Daily album - so, yeah, my Week in the Life will be a two-page layout. I'm focusing on pictures to capture the week, but will see what else I may be able to collect.

I don't see any first layout links :D, I need to look on my desktop next time I'm down there and see if the photo of my first layout is down there. If so, I'll post it. I AM NOT ASHAMED, LOL.

Okay, that's it for today. I've got a sick little man and while he's sleeping I need to get stuff done. Tomorrow is the next assignment in the Hometown exercise and Saturday will be another challenge. Photobucket

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Deanna said...

Looking forward to the next challenge! Hope your little one is better today, Lori!

Our little DGD is not feeling well today and just wants her Mommy to hold her. She's just over a year old and it's tough seeing her sick.