Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hop To Challenge #5

REMINDER: Hometown Assignment #1: Photo of the front of your home is due this evening. Waking up to snow (nope, not a surprise, this is what Spring in Colorado is all about - 70 degrees yesterday, snow today) on the ground this morning sure makes the photos below seem much longer ago than just this past Sunday. Well, Saturday for the egg dyeing and Sunday for the others.

Easter was a great, relaxing day. After attending the early Mass (7:00 AM and yep, we were all dressed with combed hair) we came home and enjoyed breakfast with my parents and brother after they went to church, since we wouldn't be seeing them for dinner this year; we were hanging out at home.

After they left, the wind was still blowing so we all took off to the soccer fields to fly some kites. Even little Matthew flew a kite and loved it. Too bad he didn't give the high sign when he was done, because he just let go of the string. He speedy brothers managed to catch up with the loose kite, though.

And on Saturday afternoon, between soccer games (which both the boys won, hurray) I even managed to put the finishing touches on the layout I started a week ago.
So in honor of the combination of snow and the pops of color from the brave daffodils and crocuses surviving under it, create a layout today that combines white, lots of white, with a few pops of colors. This challenge along with any others from this week are due Sunday evening to be eligible for the Cookie Jar Treat.
Enjoy your Wednesday!


Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Mine is done!

LindaR said...

We're supposed to get snow tomorrow! GASP!! This is Ohio, not Colorado. And it was 80' yesterday!

Meanwhile, here's my page.

Deanna said...

Here's mine with lots of white and a pop of color.


Vicky said...

so neat to see your pretty self & family ob here!! Kept picturing you blond but not b/c of blond jokes, just one of those odd mind pics

Briel said...

This was the perfect challenge for me. Letting go of all of the busyness of the usual paper helped me to find a way to use lots of photos and let them take over the spread. Thanks!

Molly said...

Here is mine. I am going to journal around the edge in black, but have not gotten to that yet (big surprise)!!!