Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hop to It Challenge #9

REMINDER: Your Hometown Assignment #3: Neighborhood Park is due Wednesday evening. Earth Day is this week and so in honor of that, today's challenge is to go green on your layout. You decided what you'd like to reuse; clothing tags, packaging, buttons from your sewing box, etc. The sketch to go with it is from Page Maps. Hop To It Challenges from this week are due Sunday evening.

So, it was a winning weekend for our family; 11 y.o. won his game 3-0, 13 y.o. won her game taking rally's #2 and #3 and 9 y.o. won his game 3-0! Weather cooperated most of the day so that was a bonus. Sunday was just a nice, as quiet as it gets in this house, day. However, Saturday night it was all about cropping! I finished four pages; two 1-pagers and one 2-pager.



LindaR said...

Nice sketch!


Deanna said...

Love that sketch and here's my version...

'Adore You'

Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Here is mine!