Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hop To It Challenge #4

I've been reading a lot recently about scrapbooking and the idea of perfection. As a perfectionist myself it's easy to get caught up in what I think my layout or albums should look like. Which makes it easy to tell myself to wait for the perfect photos to go with the papers I keep waiting to use. To wait for the perfect time to sit down so I can concentrate on getting great pages completed. To tell myself that spending 30 minutes on a page isn't long enough to achieve fantastic results, even when after 30 minutes the page is done and I like what I see. Being a perfectionist is a great excuse to NOT scrapbook. In reality, who, other than my family (well and you all when I post layouts, LOL) are going to see them? My family loves what they see in their albums and actually, most of the time, so do I (can't love the all). And really . . . isn't that the way it should be? So today's challenge is to get some of those favorite papers, or kit ('cause you know there's more than just one set). You know the ones, you keep waiting for the perfect photos. They're the ones that you love so much you bypass them everytime you search your stash with photos that would work equally well, but they're not the "perfect" pictures. Get those because today there will be no more waiting! You'll get to love those papers doing what they were intended - creating a page! Need a little bump in the creativity? You get a sketch too. :) From Nuts About Sketches

This, along with the other challenges from this week are due by Sunday evening to be eligible for the Treats.



LindaR said...

Here's mine. I used some treasured Chatterbox papers.


Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Here is mine! I used some Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg that I put away thinking I'll use it with some fall pics!


Deanna said...

Here's my 2-pager based on the sketch along with these wonderful Bella Boulevard Plastino papers.

"In Summer Life Is Good!"

Briel said...

Yeah! I'm getting some challenges done. Here is my post with some favorite papers. The photo really doesn't do the layout justice.


girlyscrapper said...

Okay, so these papers haven't been in my stash very long (March '10 Smaller than a Breadbox kit) - but I was dying to use them!


Molly said...

I have had this Hog Heaven paper for a long time. I love it so much, but was waiting to find the right pics. Now I have used it, FINALLY!!