Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life Day #2

I'm taking the pictures, I'm just a bit behind in the whole posting of the pictures - so you're gonna get bombarded here in the next little bit :) This is Tuesday, April 20th.

This, after making lunches, is where I start my day; "presents" from the breakfast club. I guess they at least made it to the sink.

The sound of the vacuum, not the running of it, the rolling of it from the hall closet (shoot sometimes it's just the sound of the closet door opening) and Matthew comes running! He loves the vacuum, and will happily vacuum for several minutes. There are patches of carpeting that I know are much, much cleaner that the rest of the floor.

This is my "sorting space." The before. Before sorting begins, before the month gets crazy, before the next month's orders start arriving and, most importantly, before it moves to my studio/office downstairs. It's only taken almost a year to rearrange things, lots of things and finally making enough progress that it's time to get this stuff moved downstairs.

A boy and his I-love-dogs-(especially this one)-but-not-sure-what-I'd-do-if-it-was-the-real-thing Dog.

The front of the house, with little disks of green showing up on the Aspens, a sprinkle of green in the north-facing frontyard grass (the backyard is fully green) and a couple pops of yellow in the daffodils - FINALLY some COLOR!

The road much traveled - the way to school, the way to practice - lots of practices. I could drive it in my sleep and sometimes I think I do.

Same road, going back towards home, or in this case back out to Long Lake Ranch to pick up boy #1 from practice #1, after dropping off boy #2 at practice #2.

Boy #1 at practice #1.

Boy #1, #2 and #3 are in the car and we are again on the same road, heading, again, back toward home (this time for good) after dropping off girl #1 at practice #3 (she has a carpool return trip.) Four kids. Three practices. Two and half hours of driving.


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