Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life Day #6

Week in the Life Day #6, Saturday April 24th

We are a sporting family - so waking up to this: grey skies, wind and snow coming in over the mountains is not what we want to see. Gear up, boys!

Soccer parents are a hardy breed and Spring soccer will test our very souls and warmth ratings on our coats. Who's bringing the Hot Todies?

Mine is the bundled one. Wait. He's the one in the hat. Wait. He's the one right there on the left, in the red hat. Thank goodness for numbers on their jersies.

On the road again . . . Headin' for The People's Republic of Boulder and game two.

They say wait 5 minutes and the weather will change in Colorado. By the time we got to the next game the skies had cleared and the sun was out. The only evidence of our past suffering was the mound of coats and blankets in the back of the car.

Grandma brings treats - always. I think it's in the rule books. Apparently only the insides were worth eating to some small creature.

Aaannnddd. . .north we go again, to games three and four. My little "setter."

Two games, two photos, this time she's serving and Mom actually caught the ball in frame!

Cold, snow, wind, sun, more wind, drive, drive, drive, and a couple volleys thrown in for good measure. All in a day for sporting families. We ended with two losses 1-0; 8-1 (yikes) and two wins in straight sets.


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