Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in the Life Day #4

Week in the Life Day #4: Thursday, April 22nd.

Most mornings it's the first thing I do - lunches. Three of them, usually almost identical.

The storm was coming in, so the sky was overcast. It had rained overnight and everything looked fresh and green in the early morning. The tree trunks were dark and the new leaves were bright pops of spring-green. In a couple weeks this tree will be leafed-out with beautiful white cones of flowers.

The upside to have the husband out of town and having to take the kids to school is I can make an early morning trip to the grocery store and still be home by 8:30.

Looking west a couple blocks from the house, the foothills can barely be seen with the low-lying clouds filling up behind them and starting to boil over the tops. No mountain views today.

Out Indiana on the way to The Container Store, aka heaven for the organized. Did I think to take a photo in there? No - it was Nirvana; I could barely concentrate as it was. After The Container Store it was out to get the kids and let the running beginning - pretty much a repeat of Tuesday evenings, only with rain. The rain effectively cancelled practices early, well not so much the rain, as the bolts of lightening and cracks of thunder. Luckily, it only takes one for coaches to clear the fields in nothing flat. Before the boys hit the car doors, it was a downpour. Photobucket


Deanna said...

I'm not playing along with the 'Week in the Life' but I've been enjoying your photos and stories, Lori!

Gloria Stengel said...

I love seeing all the photos, too, Lori! I cannot handle taking photos every day...but I sure should since it's been a while since I snapped anything from our day-to-day. My kids HATE for me to take their photos. Teenagers! The other kid is nearly a GAG! pre-teen! ack! Humph!

Rebecca K. said...

aww.. your little guy is PRECIOUS!!! i'm not playing along either but i'll be posting my pages to my blog when i'm done..