Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the Life Day #3

So, Day #3, aka Wednesday, April 21st. I'm having fun. . .and beginning to wonder how I'm going to get these photos on a 2-page spread. Guess I better explore my album possibilities.

Nothing better, except maybe a chocolate donut, to start off the day. The smell of them alone is . . . yum.

Ummm. . .yeah. Who's kid is this?

We can thank big sister for this. She showed him how to dip his finger in the sugar bowl. He found the bag o'sugar and guess he put two and two together. Finger dippin' good.

He plays with this . . .

and this. . .

and this. . .

While I work on this - June kits.

1 comment:

girlyscrapper said...

Okay, that photo of Matthew with the sugar bag is too cute! Nicky just discovered sugar this week too - uh oh!