Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Day #12

I'm so sorry to have missed yesterday. . .I started this post and then "it" hit the fan and I never got back to it.

But today, the sun is out.  The weekend is almost here.  I caught up on my BPC Card Class BEFORE the next set of assignments was released!  WooHoo.  Unfortunately with everything that happened yesterday, I didn't get my card done for the new week, but I will!  Here are the cards from last week's assignments.  This class has really been fun. 

Cards are super easy to complete and fast!! I don't know that I've spent more than 20 minutes on a card - even the ones I misted (I now better understand Maria's obsession :D) - and that includes picking out the kit to work with.  I'm plowing through really old kits or pieces from really old kits (these were kept before I knew what I would and wouldn't return to use) - I think my count is up around 10 kits that I've either used and tossed or used and kept out to use on another card.  Some of the card themes I don't use much, like baby cards - most of my friends and family are done with the baby-thing, so I created the card, but left the sentiment off.  Actually, outside of birthday sentiments, I like to have cards without sentiments.  It's easier for me to use them.  I grab a design based on the person and/or event and go from there.    If it comes around again, or one like it, and you've been wanting a stash of cards to pull from, I would highly recommend looking into the class yourself.

This class has also been great for my One Little Word, Permission.  Previously, my desire to make a card, let alone have a stash of cards, had to meet some pretty high standards as to what constituted a well-made handmade card.  This class helped me give myself Permission to just create.  To have fun in making cards.  To play on the small canvas.  To simply produce cute cards.  I didn't listen to the voice that tells me to layer, stamp, paint, color, cut, trim - I told it to take a hike.  ;D

Today's challenge is about permission too.  Today give yourself permission to do something you haven't.  A new technique.  A new style.  Paper you don't think is "you."  Those paper punches you have because they're "out."  Your own handwriting.  Whatever it is that you don't allow yourself to do on layouts - you're going to do today!  Tell that voice to take a hike!

Layouts are due Saturday evening.  And tell me what you granted yourself permission to do on your layout; I'd love to know.  Don't forget you're playing for the My Mind's Eye pack.  This pack is so pretty and glittery and the embellishments are just gorgeous!

Happy Friday.


Deanna said...

Really nice cards, Lori!

Off to work on this challenge.

Deanna said...

Added my link and details are on my blog...

"Silly Santa Hat"

jengd said...

Fun cards- I've really got to try making one of those candle cards- so cute!!

Not stellar but I got 3 done last week and 2 this week. Today's is: Thanks!