Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Day #13

Welcome to Monday.  Here we're spending the morning of our day off at the dentist's office.  We jam five of us in one group of appointments (we have to be in on a day they have two hygenists) so we aren't making six separate trips down.  It's a long time in the office, but then we're done.  The down side is I'm starting a day off getting up early and heading down to the dentist's office.

If you replied to the post on Saturday to "Bake Your Cake" and selected five of the eight listed items, you'll see your assignment for the week below.  Here were the ingredients:
  • Layer Cake
  • Cupcakes
  • Sheet Cake
  • Fruit Filling
  • Frosting
  • Fondant
  • Sprinkles
  • Candles
As with the Bingo Cards, if you left your comment listing your choices from the list you'll have your challenges for the week; once you read the "key" below that is.  For those who posted a comment with their selections, you'll receive an extra entry into this week's drawing for a My Mind's Eye Hip Hooray Boy's Collection Kit.  If you didn't leave a comment with your choices, you can still play along with this week's challenges to earn a chance at the kit, I'll be posting challenges as usual.

For those who left your choices, use the key below to create a layout a day using one item per layout from your choices.
  • Layer Cake = Use three sheets of patterned paper
  • Cupcakes = Use at least six Buttons
  • Sheet Cake = Use Cardstock only
  • Fruit Filling = Use Stickers
  • Frosting = Use two different kinds of ribbon
  • Fondant = Use three pieces of chipboard
  • Sprinkles = Use bling
  • Candles = Use rub-ons
For those who didn't pre-select items, today create a layout using rub-ons.  Post your layouts by Saturday evening.

Happy Monday.


Deanna said...

My ingredients this week will be...
Layer Cake - 3 sheets patterned paper
Cupcakes - at least 6 buttons
Frosting - 2 different ribbons
Sprinkles - bling
Candles - rubons

Added my link and used 2 different ribbons today.

"Handsome Charming Boy"

Unknown said...

My ingredients this week will be:
cupcakes - 6 or more buttons
frosting - 2 different ribbons
sprinkles - bling
fruit filling - stickers
candles - rub-ons

today I used MORE than 2 different ribbons. The layout was created using a whole pile of scraps of paper so it made sense to me to add several scraps of ribbon too.
Such fun!