Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Day #3

If I enjoyed the cold in the least little bit - like in the being out in it kinda way, not the looking from my cozy perch on my couch, hot drink in hand way - I'd totally be dancing in the 12" and counting snow falling and blowing beyond my windows.  Totally crazy, we have that 12+" stacked on our patio table, but there's barely any on the roof-tops.  The high winds have blow most of it off.  Which means we got our snow-day; my daughter and I that is, boys were already off.  Have I done anything productive with said snow-day?  Ah. . .no.  Do I have plenty to choose from?  Ah. . .yeah.  I mean I just finally got dressed.  I did get dinner in the slow cooker, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher and made a batch of these. . .

Homemade Pop Tarts, the recipe is easy and is on my Pinterest "I Can Cook That" board.  Dang, I'm lovin' Pinterest. . .if you haven't started following, do.  But beware, it's highly addictive.  And are they good?  Oh yes.  Thank goodness they're mini and two pie crusts only made about nine tarts.  I filled two of them with Nutella for my daughter and DH and the rest with homemade strawberry jam, with strawberries from our Berry Patch Farms trip last summer.
Sticking with the whole homemade thing, today's challenge is to create a handmade element to include on your layout.   It can be something you make special for this layout or maybe it's something you made for a swap (remember those?) that you haven't used.  Upload your layout by Saturday evening to be eligible for the 10-sheet Patterned Paper pack prize.

I'm taking the BPC class, 28 Cards in 4 Weeks and I got my first week's assignment yesterday and I am totally excited to get started; in fact once this is posted, I'm heading down to my studio to create the first two.  My plan is to dig out my re-kit'd kits and use them to create the cards.  They are super easy, but so cute and I'll have a nice stash of cards.  I don't expect them to take me more than 20 minutes a card, a day.  Hopefully, I'll have photos on Monday.

Finally, and this is self-serving, but if I call it "advertising" it works for me. :)  Head over to the Apron Strings Facebook page, go to the "Self-serving/advertising" post and leave a little note about why you love Apron Strings kits.  What do they do for you in terms of scrapbooking?  Or staying on budget?  Or using products you may not normally choose?  Whatever it is, you can say it so much better than I can.  Come help me spread the word why Apron Strings is so fun to be a part of.  I'm not sure, but there could be a prize associated for some lucky poster. . .just sayin'.

Okay, snow keeps falling and I'm psyched to create a couple cards.  That would be a strike while the iron's hot kinda thing.

Happy Friday!

P.S.  There's still time to get your Bingo Card for next week's challenges.  email me at to get one.


Deanna said...

I'm so jealous of all the snow you're getting. Please send some our way to Ohio. We've only had a light dusting so far and the grandkids really want some snow!!! With 60 degree temps we won't be getting anything soon.

Great challenge and I do have lots of swap stuff from years ago. I'll see what I can do with this one.

jengd said...

Those look delish! And enjoy the snow for me- it was 70 this week here. I MISS the north and the snow but no snow here please- they don't have a clue what to do with it here!

Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Pinterest is proving to be a time suck for me but I am loving it! I made my monthly menu with all the recipes from my Pinterest yummy board. So far everything was yummy except the crockpot orange chicken!
I am playing along with the birthday events here and spreading the word. Here are the layouts posted on my blog for the bday challenges so far!

Deanna said...

Those look yummy! I don't see a linky for this one.

Lori said...

Okay, I know I put in a link. They must be broken. I'm inserting a new link - can someone who's left their link in the comment test the InLinkz link. . .LOL


Deanna said...

I just added my link and looks like it worked.

"Our Family"

Of course details about the handmade item are on my blog.

Thanks for the great challenges this week, Lori!

Unknown said...

Just added my link. It's to my flickr gallery as I probably won't blog about this layout yet. My handmade item on the layout are the layered flower embellishments. Love making those! Oh, and btw, those pop-tarts look SOOO yummy. Can you send some up my way? I can try and send you some of the mild temps and sunshine we've been getting!