Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Day #17

I'd like to have a good reason for not posting on Friday.  Like the wind blew the roof off.  Or we had six soccer games (wait, that's this weekend).  Or I spent the day at the salon and had 20 years peeled off.  But no.  No.  Though, I can't say for certain about the roof, I do know every one of my 40-odd years is clinging to me like white on rice.  Sigh.

Nope, I simply forgot.  Totally not on my radar.  I have a vague recollection of it crossing my mind as I fell asleep, but by morning it was gone.  So my apologies.

I did kick off my semi-productive weekend by heading out to Archiver's to crop. . .at the last minute.  Like I called at 2:30, pushed dinner up to 4:30 and was out the door by 5:30.  I completed 7 pages and 3 cards (I know!  Cards!  With Scraps!)  I can't remember (yes, sad I know) what exactly I managed to get done, but I have a menu planned for the week, my laundry is two loads from being done, I have several boxes cataloged and awaiting a donation pick-up, my kids have chores to do this week on their doors, and I got some small, annoying things-to-do done.  My calendar this week is jam-packed, and hubby will be unable to help with the majority of it, so it's good to know something got done.  When I lay, exhausted and dazed, later this weekend, I'll have that to look back on.
I can also look back on these, the pages I completed on Friday.

If you need more current inspiration, like someone who's using this month's kits, here's Sous Chef Kristin Perez's take on the February Bigger than a Breadbox kit, the October Afternoon Farmhouse line. Love the vintage feel that pairs so well with her photos.

So, last week of the Birthday Party here on the blog, hopefully, even if you're not sharing your wonderful layouts here, you're cranking out some pages.  Today, if you hold a Bingo Card, select the space of your choice.  If you don't have a Bingo Card, dig out a border punch, or find a pre-cut border to use on your layout today.  Layouts this week are due Saturday evening.  I have a Scenic Route (still one of my favorite manufacturers!) kit for a prize.

Happy Monday,

P.S.  There just might be some fun"Thank You Notes" as in Thanks for the Birthday Presents, or Thanks for coming to the party aka Journaling-like products, on sale today only.  Check them out HERE


Deanna said...

Those are wonderful layouts, Lori! So glad you got to scrap! I really like that Jillibean line with the bathing suits! Off to work on a page!

tomiannie said...

Cute stuff! I totally your post -- sounds like the story of my weekend and today (even down to the two loads of laundry left to being done!). Yay for productive us!

Deanna said...

I went with using 2 border punches on this layout.

Linked above, "At the Apple Orchard"

jengd said...

We've all been there! Sounds like a VERY productive weekend to me! I've linked up my Cardstock only project- I hope cards are ok for some of these as I card as much as scrap