Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Day #5

First let's start with a little clarification for those with Bingo Cards.  I can't count, nor apparently do I understand the basics behind the Bingo game, because the Cards I created aren't square.  Somewhere during my editing I neglected to remove a row, so there are six rows and five columns.
For those of you who asked, you will work one square a day, for a layout or card, using whatever the item is in column/row you chose.  For example, the first column starts with "Stamps."  To meet that challenge, simply use a stamp on your layout.  From the "Stamps" column you can go across and complete four more, or go down and complete five more.  If you choose to go down a column you have the choice to stop at five, or do all six.  If you complete all six, you'll get a bonus entry for the week (this is where my not knowing the need for a square or being able to count works for you.)  It's a layout a day using a square a day.  It works out the same if I were posting without Bingo Cards - you'd get a challenge a day, the difference is you can work ahead if you have the time.  All layouts from this week will be due Sunday evening.
Today's challenge, for those without a Bingo Card, is to incorporate three tags on your layout.

And finally, the first five cards from the class I've mentioned just a few times at BPC.  I'm pretty happy that 1) I actually am participating in the class 2) my participation coincided when the class started and 3) that I'm still keeping up with it almost a week into it.  I love the fact that the cards are easy; seriously, they've taken me about 20 minutes tops, even the one I misted!  I'm using really old kits, well leftovers from kits that I re-kitted, and I've gone through three and a half.  Once I've used what I use the kits are gone - tossed; I know a couple people would be horrified by what I throw away.  They've been sitting for years, so I'm okay with tossing the leftovers or passing the larger sized papers into my giveaway box.

Happy Tuesday.


jengd said...

Wha hoo! 3 patterned papers!

Deanna said...

Thanks so much for the clarification on the bingo cards, Lori!

Deanna said...

Added my link using 3 flowers today.


Unknown said...

Added my link. This layout came together so quickly and easily for me today - thanks in part to this challenge! 3 tags? check!