Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Day #9

Technically, I have 15 minutes before it is no longer Monday.  I'll make it quick because I still have laundry, a lot of laundry, that needs folding before tomorrow, which is again, 15 minutes from now. . .nope 13 minutes.  I don't have any cards, I've officially fallen behind :(  I will catch up though.

I do have this fun layout from Kristin Perez, using the February Bigger than a Breadbox kit (which is on sale now), the October Afternoon Farmhouse line.  And if I recall, she created this for one in response to one of the first challenges this month, to pull inspiration from Tomi Ann's card.  Nice job!

11 minutes.  Today's challenge is about time, as well and from the time you select the kit and the photos you have an hour to finish.  Worried I was gonna say 15 minutes?  Do your best to not agonize over photo and kit selection - take your first picks and run with it.  Honor system, tell me how long it really took you to complete your layout.  You won't lose points, or be excluded from this week's drawing, which is for a My Mind's Eye Lost and Found Madison Avenue collection. . .yes the entire collection.  Go tell your friends because this is the week to play along!!  Well, play along all month, but I admit, it's a fab line, so . . .

And with two minutes to spare!

Happy Monday.


Deanna said...

Added my link, "A Frosty Good Time!"

Took about 35 minutes.

Unknown said...

Added my link - as I said on Day 11, this is a combo layout. It took me 53 minutes (wish I was faster like Deanna!) which included getting a snack for my 2 year old and finding the TV remote for my 7 year old! LOL! http://adayinthelifeor5.blogspot.com/2012/02/challenge-layout.html

Polka Dot Door Designs said...

I'm afraid I went over the time limit a wee bit - my layout took me about an hour and 5 minutes. But in my defense, about ten minutes of that time was spent trying to get the tension on my sewing machine sorted out after my two year old decided to play with the adjustments.