Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Day #15

Wind.  The wind.  GGAAAAAHHH. . .I can deal with pretty much any kind of weather, but the wind.  NO!  We're talking constant 20-30 mph "breezes" with gusts over 60 mph; for days.  Shakes the house.  Blows crap all over the neighborhood.  Makes driving really fun. . .let alone walking.  Wakes up Matthew - the 3 y.o. - so he sleeps in our bed and then all of us are tired, cranky and headachey.  Yeah, wind.  Go away.
My gripe for the day. . .on to more fun things. Like this bright tribute page, using different photos of she and her husband, created by Sous Chef Nancy Longo, using the Smaller than a Breadbox February kit (on sale now), theBasic Grey Picadilly line.  Besides the loving sentiment behind the page, it's a fun, bright layout.

If you're playing along with the Bake Your Cake week, go ahead and decode your next selection to include on your layout for today.  If you're not playing along with Bake Your Cake, your challenge for today is to create a layout using Cardstock only - you can use muliple sheets, but no patterned paper.

Happy Wednesday.


Deanna said...

My cake ingredient today....6+ buttons.

Added my link, "You Are So Precious"

jengd said...

Add my "frosting" of 2 ribbons (I hope twine counts!)

Unknown said...

Today my ingredient was bling!