Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Day #16

Did I mention that we have had some wind "events" here?  I think maybe, briefly, I did.  You know, wind that maybe blows over a small plastic table, or knocks down shovels leaning against the house, or kicks down trees, or heave-ho's a large flashing sign telling you about road construction (you know, those giant monstrosities), or blowing over semi-trucks, or blasting out the windows of cars - while they're driving.  Yes, Colorado gets wind - hurricane force.  Just five miles from our home it was clocked at 80 mph.  Last night I was lying in bed with the 3 y.o. watching "Up" for the 10,000th time and you could feel the bed shaking as the wind blew against the house.  He even commented on it, and I told him it was the wind.  Being the believing soul that he is, promptly jumped down to look under the bed for the cause of the shaking.

Driving the kids to school there was a decent amount of both snow, again, and damage.  It was like a game, "Who can find the biggest thing blown over."  So far I think it was the construction sign - though I saw a bunch of caution tape around an historic house, but didn't see what tree had toppled.

It was sort of quiet in basement last night (could hear the howling, but there was no shaking of walls) where I hunkered down to do all my cards from the week. . .yep, I think we can call that officially behind.  But, I turned on the TV and cranked out six of the seven cards in a couple hours.  I'll have photos tomorrow.

I was inspired, so now it's your turn.  For those with the Bake Your Cake selections, move on to your next choice and decode.  For those without, you'll be including at least three chipboard shapes on your layout; they can be naked or dressed - your choice. 
And of course some eye-candy to get you rolling.  This is again from Sous Chef Nancy, using the Smaller than a Breadbox February kit, the Pink Paislee line.

 Have a gust-free day.

Happy Thursday.


jengd said...

Jeez louise! We had a decent winter thunderstorm last night (given this is NC, probably qualifies as early spring but anyway)- nothing like that though. Hope it all quiets down soon!

Deanna said...

Hope things are quieter today, Lori. We have some winds today and alittle rain.

Added my link, "Winter Sunrise"

jengd said...

Ok. I've added my candles (rubons). Now it's just a matter of seeing if I can make the cake itself... guess that would be useful. ;)

Unknown said...

Today I have a Flickr pic for you rather than a blog post (faster!)

I used my Cupcakes today - 6 or more buttons.

Off to get ready for my dd's party. Not sure if I'll get my rub-on layout done or not ... :(

Unknown said...

Oh yes I did!!! I finished another layout today!! Woo hoo!!

Again in Flickr `cus I don`t have time to do a blog post today. This one uses my candles - rub ons.

Woot! Woot! NOW I can get ready to party!!

Deanna said...

Lori, hope everything's o.k. I don't see a post for Challenge #17 so added it here.

"Sweet Princess"