Friday, April 26, 2013

It's a Spring Grass Buffet

Blue skies.  Sunshine.  Green grass.  The only white I see is in the giant, though melting, snow piles produced by the plows and the puffy (non-threatening) clouds skipping along the mountain tops.  Sweet.  Bring on the warm, open the windows weather!  The spring-like setting also means the squirrels are going nuts eating the buds off my trees.  Robins, and a freakish number - we're talking Hitchcock numbers - are flitting around gobbling up worms and scoping out nesting sites.  Oh, and these. . . 

These sweet little, fuzzy, round babies are calling the hollow under the corner of our porch home.  They are also feasting on our newly green, recently sprouting grass.  I'm amazed they chose our yard, what with the having a dog and all.  Their time here is limited though.  If they don't leave on their own (soon), we'll be transplanting them down the street to the park, then filling in their little cave with expansion foam.  I have a garden in the planning stages and these little guys will only see a Buffet Line.  We had planned a raised garden anyway, but this just confirms our choice to do so.  Thanks to Pinterest for sparking an idea that hubby seems to be on board with.  Can I get a "WooHoo!"

Tonight I'm making these Mini Pork and Apple Meatloaves, from Midwest Living.  I'm pretty sure I've made them before and they were great; the apple lightens them up and makes them spring-fresh yummy.  I'm hosting my in-laws for our usual Friday night dinner, and while I probably won't get any crafting in tonight, these are a great cook-them and leave-them for the family while YOU head off to be creative.  

To give you the inspiration kick-off, I'm leaving you with this from Jennifer Halleck using the Bigger than a Breadbox April kit.  I'm really enjoying the different looks the American Crafts Lucky Charm line has taken on under the different designers' hands.  The orange Jennifer chose to use certainly makes these river rafting photos pop!

Your assignment is to select one color out of your photos to draw from and then create a mostly-monochromatic layout. . .make those photos pop!  Upload your link to share in the comment section for your chance to win some American Crafts Peachy Keen goodies.

I'm dashing off to my boys' school for their annual Race for Education.  Gotta cheer them on to win, and for my oldest boy, it's his last race.  His countdown to graduation is on.  I can't believe his time there is almost over.

Happy Friday,

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