Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Snow Day So Use Those Scraps!

So, an unplanned, but necessary little break there.  Life...I think that's a light down there and I don't hear a train horn, so fingers crossed that life will be back to it's usual chaos soon.

In the meantime, we had a snow day before the snow started flying - oh the cheering that ensued when the news hit Facebook feeds before it hit the local news stations.  And apparently a lot of snow is expected to be flying.  Like 12+ inches with high winds.  Crazy night of weather with snow/rain in the Denver area, 1" hail on the southeastern plains and a tornado up on the northeastern plains.  My poor daffodils!  Even the strawberries were starting to green up and now they're gonna be shivering under inches and inches of snow.

Now, I don't know if you're full-on into Spring or if you're having a step-back-into-Winter moment, but if you're looking at your day for your moment to craft, you can use this for inspiration - found on Pinterest and created using Bella Blvd papers.  Combine this adorable little card with the "Queen of Scraps," Kristin Perez's tutorial where she gives you an idea on how she uses up her kits to the last scrap.  This card is a great way to use up scraps - from the scalloped top, to the flowers themselves, even the ribbon.

Upload your scrap-laden creation by the end of April to become eligible for goodies.

Happy Tuesday,

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