Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday at Last!

It's been one of weeks that seems about five days longer than it actually is.  But I'm finally to the end and just got notification that the 14 y.o.'s soccer game, scheduled up in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has been cancelled - field conditions are, no doubt, better suited to cross country skiing than soccer.  So yet another game goes on the reschedule list.  We've had more rescheduled games than played games.  This change opens up my Saturday a bit, with just a game (currently still on and at the home fields) in the early morning.  Let's see what I can accomplish with this change in plans - LOL, I'm not even going to list what I could do because it's just a disappointment when making the list is as close to the projects as I get.  LOL

I usually have a recipe to cook up for your family to enjoy while you sneak away to be creative, but today I have a recipe for you.  Well if you're a coffee drinker.  I'm a Foo-Foo, yes I admit it, coffee drinker - not to be confused with a Coffee Snob.  I love the creamy flavors that Starbucks has gotten me addicted to, but like a lot of folks, what I can afford is a more home-grown version.  Plus, like most homemade versions of anything, you know what's going in it.  I've been mixing up my own creamers for some time.  Most call for Sweetened Condensed Milk (SCM), but the cost of a single can is often more than just buying a flavored creamer at the store.  So this Creamer Base recipe that I Pinned to my I Cooked That board comes with a homemade SCM recipe.  Last week I tried it and, seriously, I couldn't tell a difference from the ones I've made with canned SCM.  Well, my dry milk had some clumps that never dissolved in the creamer, they dissolved in the hot coffee though, so no biggie.  I've mixed up several flavor combos and don't have a favorite yet; it's fun to play around.  My trusty Mason/Ball Jars (quart size) are perfect for the job.

Today, mix up your coffee and grab your inspiration to kick off your weekend.  Maria Swiatkowski shares her layout using the April Smaller than a Breadbox kit.  Here she's used it for her Project Life (aka Pocket Page) album.  I love this.  Quick.  Easy.  Clean.  Simple.  DONE!

Remember to link up your work in the comment section to get in for a shot at the April goodies.

I'll end simply with words I've seen in several social media places this week, since the events in Boston.  They are attributed to Mr. Rogers - and as I watch(ed) the videos of that morning I didn't have to look hard to find the helpers.  Proof that Good is out there.  God Bless them all - the helpers and the victims.

Happy Friday,

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