Monday, April 1, 2013

Apron Strings. . . a Goodbye

Apron Strings as you have known it is outta here. . .well, the website anyway.   Hahaha. . .Gotcha? :D  Are you ready for a fresh new site?  I am and I've (FINALLY) got one to show off.  No foolin'!

You've seen this little birdie - she was originally created for me for Etsy, but she was too cute to cage up. . .so now she's the NEW face of Apron Strings!  Head on over HERE to check out the new site.  Things I'm excited about:
  • Sign up for one kit OR multiple kits
  • Easy, one-page sign-ups
  • Still able to opt-out, flip and substitute your kits
  • View products in thumbnails AND be able to order from the thumbnail without having to click through
  • Easier navigation
  • PayPal as an option for payment
  • Digital stamps (.png files) - COMING SOON.
Now a couple NOTES:
  • I have not finished populating the website with product.  April kits are up and previewing, but in my usual wise decision making, I choose tax season, Easter weekend, April kit prep time and an upcoming wedding during which to launch a new site.  I'm brilliant like that.  So, while you can certainly go sign-up for a kit(s) - and PLEASE DO - browse around and shop - full-scale shopping is still a few days away.
  • If you are a current member there is no need to sign-up again, you're information has been safely migrated to the new site.
  • Second thing, after four years of shipping increases by the postal service and no increases from Apron Strings, I've had to increase rates just to close the ever-widening gap.  Shipping will go up .50 cents to $7.50, effective with April kits.
I'm super excited to bring the new website online - I hope you enjoy the fresh new atmosphere.  Wander over to Apron Strings' Sous Chefs blogs and share in the celebration (we'll celebrate officially - blog hop, prizes and such in a couple weeks when the choas of right now has settle to crazy-levels):

Happy Monday,

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