Monday, April 22, 2013

Is It Monday Already?

It feels like the weekend sped right on by.  I'm sure it was due to the fact that there was a make-up soccer game that I forgot about.  I had a time written on my calendar in the 12 y.o.'s block, but no field information.  So when I saw it last week during menu planning, I figured I'd just started to write in the wrong place.  Luckily another parent and I were chatting at the Saturday morning game and he mentioned the Sunday make-up game.  I guess I need to assume, given the season's number of rescheduled games, that there's going to be Sundays with games.  Yikes!  But we were there. . .and it was a heartbreaking loss, the go-ahead goal scored in the final minute. :(

I'm watching the sky cloud over with crazy speed as we await. . .wait for it. . .snow. . .yes.  I know!  But I have the day at home and a list of things to do.  You however, get to spend a few moments with this sketch from Page Maps and your latest kit.  Apron Strings kits plus sketches equals quick and easy layouts completed!  This sketch is great.  Yes, I know one photo, but the blocks above and below can be filled all or in part with smaller photos.  It's also easy to mirror this one-pager to create a double-page.  If you need some inspiration you can find the example with this sketch HERE.

Time to rotate laundry and start cleaning my floors.  At least the weather is a perfect background for the day I have planned.

Happy Monday,

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Deanna said...

Here's my version and I used the April Smaller Than kit.

"Celebrate 1!"