Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fog on Wednesdays

And not just foggy-headed, that's a given these days.  Actual fog is fairly uncommon for us. . .eastern plains and northern Colorado see it more frequently, but it's kind of a treat here in the 'burbs.  I love the fog; not so much the humidity, but the wispy clouds clinging to the ground.  The grey lace swirling around just out of reach above.  The cocoon of low visibility.  If it's raining that's just a bonus.

These are the kind of days that make me either: a) want to clean and organize, or b) blow off all house work and play in my studio.  Since neither of those are options for me today, I'll have to craft vicariously through you.  And I was thinking you could use Wendi Robinson's card (from the March All Year Cheer Card kit) to inspire you.  I love the sort of rustic-country thing she's got going on.  The wood-grain of the pennants, the twine, the cream flowers.  I like the stair-stepped mosaic pattern - which could be interspersed with photos on a scrapbook layout.  I like the blue and yellow combination.  Even that tiny bit of stitching across the tops of the pennants.  Break the card down to find your mojo, or just copy it out-right to create your own layout or card.

I haven't had time to dig out a prize for this month, but that shouldn't stop you from entering your project link to the comments.  You've seen past goodies - you know you'll want your shot at this months!

Happy Wednesday,

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