Friday, April 5, 2013

Late But Here

Yesterday's "no post" was unplanned, so sorry about that.  Life has been crazy.  Today I  had plans to do some baking and I needed another batch of creamer, but was out of sweetened condensed milk so I was gonna try the make-your-own version.

I didn't get to the creamer (which I'll regret come morning) but I managed to get a loaf of White Bread, Pizza Dough, a triple batch of Red Sauce, an Alfredo Sauce, and Brownies done.  This White Bread is so good!  We aren't big white bread eaters, my kids grew up on whole wheat/whole grain stuff; white bread was for french toast, but this stuff is super easy to make, even by hand.  And the texture is awesome!  So soft. . .and it stays that way for several days, which is a trick here in the land of no-humidity.  Things dry out in a flash, so the fact this loaf stayed marshmallow-soft for days was like a mini miracle.  It could convert us away from the good-for-us breads. ;D

Pizza was on the menu for tonight - one pepperoni for the purists, one pepperoni and sausage for meat lovers, one Alfredo chicken for the dip-a-toe-in-the-water folks and one Greek chicken for the adventurous.   And holy cow - the Greek one turned out amazing!  Same sauce (Alfredo) as the Alfredo Chicken, same chicken and spinach, too, but sun dried tomatoes in place of fresh and Feta cheese instead of mozzarella.  Yummy.  I may need to sneetch another slice.

Now my weekend will be crazy with three soccer games, but I'm hoping, really, really, REALLY, hoping to spend time doing something crafty.  If you're thinking the same, hoping the same, here's a little inspiration to get you started.

The card, by Wendi Robinson was created using the April All Year Cheer Card Kit.  I can tell you Wendi cranked out seven equally adorable cards and you'll get complete instructions to make your crafting homemade wishes super easy!  Sign-up Today!

Happy (late) Friday,

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