Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm currently sitting poolside while the boys splash,  make a lot of noise, shiver and turn purple.  My daughter just joined me from a shortened workout...she's got a cold that makes breathing tough for her run.  We are killing time until we head out to my niece's wedding later this evening.  And I'm typing on my phone which is fun.  I may need to get my laptop.

The boys are attempting to get the other to jump in the pool after spending time in the hot tub.  SPLASH.  SQUEAL.  COLD.  LAUGHTER.  My 4 y.o. is warming in the hot tub and refuses to leave now.

Today, because I'm on a bit of a vacation myself your challenge is to look around and find inspiration where you are.  If I was scrappin' instead of knitting I may draw inspiration from the pool.  The turquoise color of it.  Perhaps combine it with the chocolate of the floor tiles and crisp white of the pool surround.  Outside the pool windows the trees are spring green, there are white flowers bursting on some and then there's the peek of a deep blue sky between the clouds.  Maybe it's spring itself, making itself known, that inspires you.  Maybe it's a magazine ad that you just flipped past.  Whatever it is, user it to create your layout, card or other project.  Then share it with us to inspire others and earn yourself an entry into the April drawing.

Happy Friday.

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