Thursday, June 27, 2013

10 Things I Can (Sorta) Live With

I said yesterday there are few. . .F.E.W. . .redeeming qualities to Summer.  I wrote that and then wondered if there were ANY, so I decided to see if I could think of something.  Surprise, I did:
  1. No running kids to and fro.
  2. No nagging about, checking or various repeating phrases about homework and the getting it done.
  3. I get to wear skirts without freezing.  I love skirts.  I actually wish fall/winter skirts felt as casual as summer skirts do, but they always feel more dressy.
  4. Iced Coffee - Caramel.  Mocha.  Homemade. Starbucks.  I don't care, just pass the ice and cream!
  5. I can hide down in my studio under the guise of staying cool.
  6. I can serve salads for dinner because "it's too hot to cook."
  7. Drinking beer is infinitely more enjoyable - current fave is ShockTop Honey Crisp Apple Beer
  8. Laundry piles are significantly smaller - no uniforms, no school clothes, no soccer gear PLUS shorts take up half the space.
  9. Sitting on the front porch in the (it had better be) cooler evenings.  Last night it was still 81 at 10 pm. :/
  10. Ending the day in a bubble bath - a nice cool one.  My tub is my best friend in the summer.
And I actually could come up with a few more things but I'd hate for it to appear that my loathing was thinning.  Because it's not.  It's ramping right up there with the climbing mercury.

So to the basement I return with the hopes of taking some time to play with a kit and today's sketch.  I snagged another sketch off of Doodlebug's PageMaps week.  I'm a big fan of circles in layouts, so this one caught my eye.  You could totally replace a couple of those circles with other photos.
Remember, use all this week's challenges, share the link to your work in the comments and receive a Gift Code to shop at Apron Strings.  Bonus, each entry earns you an entry at winning the June Prize Pack.

Happy Thursday,


Deanna said...

Here's my take on the sketch.


I had used this sketch before for DGD Lucy and now this is for her little brother's album.

Deanna said...

Any more sketches for this week, Lori?

Patchi said...

Here is mine:

I even used Doodlebug papers that are so old I doubt Doodlebug remembers them ;)