Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cook Out Challenge

I mentioned yesterday we had a busy weekend.  We had hubby's brother come in for a family reunion (hubby's mother's side of the family - which is just huge.)  He made it in for his mother's birthday on Friday - before the storms came barreling in.  Hubby enjoyed some quality time with him and I hosted an impromptu breakfast on Sunday morning so we could chat more.  The reunion was Sunday evening.  Hubby had to take his brother to the airport not long after the party started, which is too bad because I know they'd have enjoyed chatting with cousins.  I planned to leave shortly after they did - I'm the "who is that?" person at those kind of events when my "link" isn't around.  My party-line introduction was, "Hi, I'm Lori." (met with a blank stare and a pasted-on smile) "Christopher's wife."  Usually, that was enough, if not, I went up the tree one branch to my mother in law.  Then I was met with the look that said, "Okay. . .cleared."

Anyway, I planned to leave after hubby did, but the 4 y.o. was having a blast on the playground, so we sat and waited until he willingly left the equipment, which was about another 30 minutes.  Cue to go.  But not before he, the 4 y.o., snapped a photo of us, including the brothers-who-won't-cooperate-for-a-photo.  Fine, then this is what I go with and they can explain it when they see it in their albums.

Yesterday your challenge was to pick five ingredients to build your Burgers.  Today you get the "key" to your ingredients.   
  • Beef Patty = Dark Brown Cardstock
  • Turkey Patty = Kraft Cardstock
  • Lettuce = Lace
  • Mixed Greens = Chipboard
  • Slaw = Baker's Twine or Jute
  • Cheddar Cheese = Chipboard
  • Pepper Jack Cheese = Mists or Paints
  • Blue Cheese = Striped Patterned Paper
  • BBQ Sauce = Epoxy Accent
  • Bacon = Borders
  • Red Onions = Eyelets
  • Onion Rings = Buttons
  • Sweet Peppers = Diecut Paper
  • Tomatoes = Something Red
  • Mustard = Polka Dot Patterned Paper
  • Ketchup = Ribbon
  • Mayo = Vellum
  • White Bun = Brads
  • No Bun = Acrylic or Sheer Embellishment
  • Specialty Bun = Large Graphic Patterned Paper
Now create your card or layout using the key to select your products - you can include other products but your layout or card must include the five you selected.  If you didn't build your burger, you can do so today - leave a comment with your selected ingredients, and the tomorrow, I'll shuffle the key.  If you already gave me your burger, no need to pick a new one, you'll just get the new key to work with tomorrow. 

All work for this week is due on Sunday evening.

Happy Tuesday,


Deanna said...

Here's mine for today using...
Beef Patty - Dark Brown Cardstock
Lettuce - Lace (trim)
Tomatoes - Something Red
Mayo - Vellum (Bench)
Specialty Bun - Large Graphic Paper (actually covered up most of those big flowers) LOL

"Me and You"

Donna Nuce said...

This was harder than I expected so I improvised!
Beef Patty = Kraft Cardstock (not quite dark brown)
Switched onions out for Tomatoes =(something Red)
Blue Cheese = Striped Pattern Paper
Mustard = Polka Dot (do candy's count?)
Specialty Bun = Large Graphic PP (my stamp instead) Hope this counts!

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

It totally counts. And it's gorgeous!