Friday, July 19, 2013

Fresh Gardens

Have I talked about my backyard garden enough in the past couple weeks?  I never really said how awful it look from last year.  We had started to prep for barrels on the upper terrace mid-summer last year - the idea being we'd move the blueberries in the fall.  Yyyaahhh, that never quite happened.  Fall started with the rock moved out (several wasp stings in that process), weed-block pulled back and shredded and a work-in-progress look about it.  Spring dawned and the area started sprouting weeds and the winter was not kind on the weed-block, it was now in tatters.  Not a look that said - "garden here."  Add the discovery of bunnies who would soon treat my garden as a buffet and something needed to be done before momma went nuts.  I had started to Pin some ideas for container gardens and small spaces - now to show hubby my idea and pitch it. 
Cut to last couple weekends, on the sweaty backs of my older kids and my hubby, we have a new space.  A clean and tidy space.  A space that says "Grow something!"  I'm so excited.  The blueberries are now in their little barrels on the upper terrace.  The blackberries are happily starting to wind up the arbor.  All the barrels have been placed and filled in the lower terrace - cucumbers are already taking hold.  Herbs on the porch are going nuts.  And tomatoes along the side of the house are stinkin' thrilled with the heat over there.  Because of our short growing season, most of the garden will probably remain un-planted until next Spring, but we'll try to get some stuff in there.  My only issue, something is attacking my strawberries (and my lilacs) and it's not the bunnies.  We'll take a sample over to the local nursery and see what they have to see; they are awesome over there.  Hopefully it's fixable.

After the last couple weekends of hot, sweaty yard work we have nothing planned for this weekend.  Unless being slugs is a plan.  Maybe I'll scrap a little.  I want to, but the lazies may take over.

So you have something to work on this weekend, here's today's key to create your card or layout, from this week's S'mores theme. Just share a link to it in the comments by Sunday evening to earn your prize.
  • Graham Crackers - Polka Dot Trim
  • Granny Smith Apple Slices - Trees
  • Traditional Marshmallows - Photo Corners
  • Coconut Marshmallows - Pearls
  • Peanut Butter - Brads in Multiple Sizes
  • Chocolate Bars - Layered Embellishment
  • Caramel - Handmade Embellishment
  • Hazelnut Spread - Pocket
  • Berry Jam - Pleat Something - paper or ribbon
  • Strawberry Slices - Burlap
  • Chocolate Coated - Use Your Own Handwriting
  • White Chocolate Coated - Butterflies
  • Butterscotch Chips - Hearts
  • Peppermint Patties - Rhinestones
  • Chocolate Covered Caramel Candies - Tickets
  • Pumpkin Butter - Something Metallic
  • Apple Butter - Leaves
You can add additional product to your page or card, but it must include your five ingredients. ALL entries this week will get a Gift Code to Apron Strings. Even one entry into the weekly challenges gains you entry into the drawing for July's prize pack.

Hubby's got a wild hair about looking at new furniture for the family room.  Hip-hip-hooray!

Happy Friday,


Deanna said...

That's a beautiful space, Lori!

Deanna said...

Here's mine for today's challenge using...

•Graham Crackers - Polka Dot Trim
•Traditional Marshmallows - Photo Corners
•Peanut Butter - Brads in Multiple sizes (4 sizes)
•Chocolate Bars - Layered Embellishment (title area)
•Caramel - Handmade Embellishment (pinwheel)

"All American"

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

Thanks Deanna. I'm loving the new space down there and I can almost stand gardening. The containers definitely cut down on the "hated;" pulling weeds, back-bending work, pulling weeds, the too much space to work with.