Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So Technology is Fun, Isn't It?

I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  Email - enjoy reading most of it/hate the amount of it.  I, sad to say, have become addicted to Instagram.  I blame the current Phone Photography class.  I am obsessed with Pinterest and could lose hours there.  Technology is fantastic. Except when it's not.  Like yesterday when we had connectivity issues.  Or. . .

I spent Sunday doing pretty much nothing - or at least nothing that needed doing - I spent a huge chunk of it printing photos for Project Life.  I'm happy to say that I've printed up through mid-June and the only reason I didn't go farther was that I ran out of photo paper.  I have, I think, until the end of June ready to print - just need to add the July stuff.  I, also, spent a huge chunk of Sunday editing all the pictures on my phone into Instagram.  I did some catching-up on my BPC class- not all the way but a good dent as you'll see below.  Then I spent a large chunk of the late night Sunday, into early Monday, trying to get all my deleted phone photos back.  Only to discover it was next to impossible.

I, knock-on-wood, have never lost photos.  I do my best to upload them to one of two sites, not as regularly as I should, but . . .  My husband does back-ups to our computers and, so far, we have been lucky.  So, I had the, I'm sure, same horrified experience of someone who realizes their photos are not where they left them and starts looking for the "un-do" button, only to find that there really isn't one.  After coming to that realization and that they were probably gone, I tried to think of what I'd lost.  It was all the originals of the photos I'd Instagram-ed during the day, plus some extras.  Most of them from the last month or so.  My only saving/comforting thought was that I still had the Instragram file with those photos.  So, note to self, no longer will I be "cleaning-up" phone files.

Below are the assignments I caught up on.

My second take of Day #8 - Summer colors.  Our Summer dishes, invites to block parties, summer linens, xBox games played and new berries ripening.

 Day #28 - Lazy.  Sunday and the aforementioned edit-fest

Day #27 - Action Shots - the 4 y.o. enjoying the bouncies at the school's Annual Bazaar, before the rain spoiled the jumping.  But he learned to enjoy the midway games.  Too bad mommy is slow with the photos of that one.

Day #24 - Bloom and Grown - new berries are popping up in the garden.  Still not sure how the harvest will be, but at least there are blooms.

Day #21 - What's Cooking? - Well, me not so much cooking as enjoying someone else's, namely Chipotle's. 

 Day #23 - Laughter.  My 4 y.o. totally thrilled with beating his uncle on xBox.

Because of Internet issues yesterday, and being the end of the month, there won't be challenges this week.  We'll pick back up again next week, the first full week of August.  August!  Crazy.

Happy Tuesday,

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