Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

So the lazy weekend expected by my boys and hubby didn't so much materialize.  Hubby and I headed out to purchase new family room furniture.  We were successful!  A couple pieces of the old stuff was still in decent enough shape to move to the basement, which necessitated rearranging of what's going on down there.  It also meant that the pieces down there no longer fit.  I wrestled up an end table, the futon mattress and a glider, but the old futon frame isn't going to go down, or up, without a fight.  It's apparently too big to get up the stairs without being taken apart and the screws are stripped.  The longer I'm stepping around that stupid, and looking at how it's cluttering up the space, the thing the more I'm thinking a sledgehammer to the frame sounds better and better.

Upstairs the old, torn and too-sorry-to-call-a-sofa sofa is sitting in the living room waiting for the feet to be taken off (it won't fit through the front door otherwise) and the usable leather stripped from it (to be used to recover some stools in hubby's workshop) before it meets the chainsaw.

Then they (the boys) tackled more garden projects.  They planted a tree down at my in-laws.  A Christmas gift for my mother in law.  They planted a Dogwood in the corner of our yard where one of my lilacs didn't make it - too much water and to much overgrowth from the yard behind us.  They also tackled getting water to the newly installed barrels.  I'm on the hunt for Lavender for one barrel and Rhubarb for another.  I can plant those myself if I can find them here.

I also tackled more of my Phone Photography assignments.  I'm still struggling with my camera capturing a "Jump" photo, which is my only really old outstanding assignment.  I may just have to settle for a blurred one.   :/   I managed the dreaded "Summer Selfie."  Two takes on "Far Away."  A "Reflection," which after uploading I realized I should have cropped it so that you could tell it's a reflection in the monitor of my laptop.  "Shadow."  It's funny on this one how much I noticed shadows after taking this picture.  And finally, "In Season," a love affair with cherry limeades and searching for the perfect one.  Then I have the weekend's and today's to deal with.  I kept forgetting to shoot the Sunday's and I collected the photos for yesterday, I just need to edit them.  I have to say this has been a great class. I'm think I may have said that already.

Hopefully your weekend was productive.  If not, let's start on the right foot this week.  Here is your key for this week's Cook Out: Drinks challenge.
  • Lemonade - Include Lemon Yellow
  • Flavored Lemonade - Rub-ons or Stamps
  • Limeade - Include Lime Green
  • Flavored Limeade - Include at least three circles
  • Sweet Tea - Something Glittered/Sugared
  • Flavored Tea - Mini Bag
  • Sun Tea - Include Orange
  • Beer - Use at least three ribbons/trims
  • Micro Brew - Washi Tape
  • Margaritas - List-style Journal Card or Journaling
  • Mocktails - Altered Chipboard
  • Soda - Eyelets
  • Water - Transparency
  • Spiked Lemonade
  • Wine - Swirls
  • Sangria - Include Red
  • Mojito - Leaves
You'll have until Sunday evening to complete and link up your card or layout to the corresponding post.  Any one completed challenge gets you into the drawing the July prize pack.  If you didn't select your drinks yesterday, you can still do so today and use tomorrow's key.

Happy Tuesday,


Patchi said...

I made a card for my drink list:


Limeade - Include Lime Green
Sweet Tea - Something Glittered/Sugared
Water - Transparency
Sangria - Include Red
Mojito - Leaves

Deanna said...

I used the July 'Smaller Than' Kit.

My ingredients are:
•Lemonade - Include Lemon Yellow
•Limeade - Include Lime Green
•Sweet Tea - Something Glittered/Sugared
•Margaritas - List-style Journal Card or Journaling
•Water - Transparency

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