Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday's Reshuffle and Phone Photography Day #2

Yesterday was the day of nothing accomplished - but the temps were still in the awesome-for-me range, so I consider it sucking it up while it lasts, instead of sitting around doing nothing.  Went to lunch with sous chef Jennifer Halleck and enjoyed girl-talk as long as our kids let us, which is never long enough.  Then took my all boys to the Lego store to spend a gift card - always an odyssey to go to a mall with boys.  Came home briefly to wrangle my house into some sort of order before heading out to pick up my daughter from work.  Back home to start laundry and pretty much mess around with various collage/template apps to complete my Phone Photography challenge for the day.  I had snapped photos while I was out running around to complete the "Initials" assignment.  It's okay.  Certainly could use some finesse.  And after seeing other assignments it's very flat.  But I learned a new app or two and I may have downloaded six a couple apps to my phone and played learned about them in hands-on way, while ignoring the family teaching my family self-sufficiency.

Today, using the same burger you built, here's a reshuffle of ingredients to complete another layout or card today.  All layouts or cards are due on Sunday evening.  If you haven't yet selected your five ingredients please do so today - just leave your ingredient picks in the comments.  

Here's today's "key" to your ingredients:
  • Beef Patty = Red Cardstock
  • Turkey Patty = White Cardstock
  • Lettuce = Canvas
  • Mixed Greens = Use at least a 3-color scheme
  • Slaw = Layered Embellishment
  • Cheddar Cheese = Frame
  • Pepper Jack Cheese = Something Glittered
  • Blue Cheese = Add Stitching
  • BBQ Sauce = Something Red
  • Bacon = Pleat Something
  • Red Onions = Buttons
  • Onion Rings = Burlap
  • Sweet Peppers = Flowers
  • Tomatoes = Epoxy Embellishment
  • Mustard = Mini Brads
  • Ketchup = Baker's Twine
  • Mayo = Journaling Card
  • White Bun = Envelope
  • No Bun = Use a themed product for a non-themed purpose (i.e. a Christmas line for a summer vacation)
  • Specialty Bun = Use a technique that's new to you
Now create your card or layout using the key to select your products - you can include other products but your layout or card must include the five you selected.  

Up for grabs this week is a $10 gift code to shop at Apron Strings.  Entry into any of this month's challenges automatically enters you into the July Prize drawing held at the end of the month.

Happy Wednesday.


Deanna said...

Here's mine for this!
•Beef Patty = Red Cardstock
•Lettuce = Canvas
•Tomatoes = Epoxy Embellishment
•Mayo = Journaling Card
•Specialty Bun = Use a technique that's new to you

For the new technique....I've had these alcohol inks for a long time. I started with a clear bright red flower at the top and added Raisin, Pesto, Espresso Inks to darken it. Added white CS behind so the distressing can be seen better.

"The Air Show"

Donna Nuce said...

This one was a little easier for me
Beef Patty = Red Cardstock
Red Onions = Buttons
Blue Cheese = Stitching
Mustard = Mini Brads
Specialty Bun = A new Technique

Donna Nuce said...

Forgot to leave the link

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

Awesome card!