Friday, July 12, 2013


It was stinkin' hot yesterday.  101.  I tried to take a photo of the temp on my car dashboard, but there was a lack of cooperation on both the blinding sun and digital display.  So, I passed a few hours shopping and walked away with some super cute maxi skirts and loaded two into the online shopping cart of the store because they didn't have my size for two of them.  There is also another store here in town, and I'm trying to decide if I crawl out of my cozy, COOL hole and head over there to see if they have either of the skirts.

My menu this week was again from my I Can Cook that board and I actually deleted a couple Pins this week - a first.  I made these Ham Pineapple Quesadillas.  I love quesadillas as a quick meal and the combination of BBQ, pineapple, bacon and ham is in my head now.  I also deleted these Spicy Hawaiian Chicken Burgers.  They too were good, moist and flavorful. My daughter and I agreed a peanut sauce would be good on them.  Just, I think, not a redo for us.  I also have a big multi-recipe Pin that I made a Cheeseburger thing in the Slow Cooker that I won't be making again.  I'll keep the Pin until I work through a few more recipes.  Just didn't have the flavor for us.  I'm making chicken tonight, because it's super fun to stand over a 400 degree grill in 100 degree temps.  I'm using this Strawberry BBQ Sauce that I cooked up this morning.  Straight out of the pan it was good.  We'll see how it shapes up after a little melding.  Dessert is some chilled cherry chocolate concoction.  Hmmm...I'm not seeing losing weight as big on my "check this off" list this week.

So I'll be shipping out this month's kits later today, so being crafty isn't gonna be high on my list.  YOU however, have until Sunday to complete any of the challenges from this week's Cook Out challenges - building ice cream sundaes. Here's today's key to create your card or layout, then just share a link to it in the comments.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream - Black Cardstock
  • Chocolate Ice Cream - Polka Dot Ribbon
  • Frozen Yogurt - Patterned Paper with Chevrons
  • Chocolate Sauce - Layered Embellishment
  • Strawberry Sauce - Wood Embellishment
  • Caramel Sauce - Brown Cardstock
  • Butterscotch Sauce - Flair Buttons
  • Marshmallows - Striped Patterned Paper
  • Chocolate Chips - Large Brads
  • Maraschino Cherries - 3 Tags
  • Cookie Dough Chunks - Glitter Buttons
  • Gummy Bears - Corrugated Embellishment
  • Brownie Bites - Word - rub-on, chipboard, diecut
  • Candy Bar Bits - A Tried and True Technique
  • Sprinkles - Loose Glitter or Glitter Glue
  • Whipped Cream - Swirls
  • Nuts - Star Embellishment
You can add additional product to your page or card, but it must include your five ingredients. You have until Sunday evening to complete this week's challenges. ALL entries this week will get a Gift Code to Apron Strings.  Even one entry into the weekly challenges gains you entry into the drawing for July's prize pack.

We found out earlier this week someone on the block is hosting a block party.  Since the hosts' last names drew blank looks from the family, we thought, "Huh, let's go meet the neighbors."  Living here since the street was built 14 years ago, we figured it might be nice to put names with the faces we give waves to.  We know the first-names of probably 4 of the 12 house on our street, then we kinda fall into that "Dave and his girls" (no clue about his wife's name) and the "people in Terri's old house."  Otherwise our weekend looks hot and uneventful.

Happy Friday,


carla said...

This is my ice cream sundae layout!

Donna Nuce said...

Hi Lori! I put all four days challenges in one blog entry. I had fun making them!