Friday, July 26, 2013

Project Life and Munchies

A couple weeks ago I mentioned,I went to Archiver's and did some scrapbooking.  Here, today, finally, are those pages that I created.  All are for my Project Life album.  They are actually all in the album, too.  Yep, still several dozen weeks behind, but that's okay - I'm still taking pictures and they will continue to go on to pages and into the album.  I've used up all the pages that came with the album, all full-page sizes. I've got a couple pocket pages left to work with but I've ordered some more so I can't use lack of pages as an excuse to stop - I have so many other excuses to use.

Here's my dilemma with putting these pages in the album.  The week of Valentine's day I didn't take many photos, hence only creating a 1-page layout.  All the other layouts are 2-pagers.  So, what do I do with the blank facing page for the Valentine's week?  I thought of putting Valentines the kids got as sort of a memorabilia page, but those I'm pretty sure are long gone and I think only two kids of the four exchanged cards.  I can look to see if I have other photos from that week, but I'm guessing if I did I'd have printed them.  It's two weeks into the month so a "banner page" won't work - that and there aren't any such other pages currently in the album.  What's a good thing to do with that stinkin' black hole where a layout should be??
Over the course of the last week or so I've made Cherry Limeade (the quest for the perfect recipe continues) and Ooie Gooey Popcorn, both from Pinterest and now on my "I Cooked That" board.  If you're needing a drink while your crafting this weekend try the Cherry Limeade.  It was good, but for me, the combination of the limeade with the cherry simple syrup was just too heavy and sweet.  So I'm cutting it with Key Lime Seltzer Water - half a glass of the drink topped with Seltzer.  That lightened up the drink and cut the sweetness without loosing the flavors.
The other yummy we made was the popcorn.  Butter.  Marshmallow.  Popcorn.  Good.  But not for while you're actively crafting.  This would be a break munchie with a handwashing before heading back to the creativities.  I did not use microwave popcorn - we air pop our own.  I felt it needed some salt, which the buttered microwave version may have provided.  Next time I make it, I think I'll brown the butter to see if that gives it the saltiness I missed.  Otherwise, I'll just sprinkle some salt on.  Hubby thought it needed a mix-in like m&m's.  That could work too.  It is definitely a sticky-won't-get-one-kernel kinda popcorn.  This would be excellent rolled up in balls for Halloween or Christmas.
After you've made up some munchies for later, you can work on today's key for this week's Drinks challenge: 
  • Lemonade - Striped Paper
  • Flavored Lemonade - Polka Dots
  • Limeade - Rhinestone Shape - like a flower or arrow or word
  • Flavored Limeade - Alphabet Stickers
  • Sweet Tea - Tickets
  • Flavored Tea - Metal Tag
  • Sun Tea - Linen or Burlap
  • Beer - at least Eight Mixed Buttons
  • Micro Brew - Use a Stamp - a digital version is okay
  • Margaritas - Stick Pin
  • Mocktails - Floral Paper
  • Soda - Layered Embellishment
  • Water - Something with Ruffles
  • Spiked Lemonade - Journaling Card
  • Wine - Use a new-to-you technique
  • Sangria - Patterned Paper with a Large Design
  • Mojito - Chevrons
You'll have until Sunday evening to complete and link up your cards or layouts to the corresponding post. Any one completed challenge gets you into the drawing the July prize pack. 
All entries for this week get a gift code to Apron Strings. 

The 12 and 4 y.o.'s school bazaar starts this weekend, with the 14 y.o. working a late-night shift tomorrow.  We have nothing on the calendar.  I'm not sure there's anything left to plant.  I have the day (and weekend) stretching ahead of me until dinner - I need to get the bread going and the Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream has been chillin' since this morning.  And this post took 10 times longer than it should have because Blogger was being a butt-head - hence no graphic for the gift code.  I'm done fighting with it.

Happy Friday!

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Deanna said...

Here's mine at the last minute! Been a busy day.

My beverages.....
•Lemonade - Striped patterned paper
•Limeade - Rhinestone Shape
•Sweet Tea - Tickets
•Margaritas - Stick Pin
•Water - Something With Ruffles