Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Am

  • I am obsessed with the Pandora selections based on "Pitch Perfect" (thanks a lot 16 y.o. daughter.)
  • I am enjoying, really enjoying, Big Picture's Phone Photography class.  Great assignments, fun apps that I'm actually learning how to use!
  • I am savoring a Cherry Limeade - recipe found on Pinterest - I didn't make a big batch, but instead am making it as I drink it using individual cans of Key Lime Seltzer.
  • I am eating like a mad-woman and have gained half the weight I lost - apparently the heat in the kitchen isn't keeping me from baking.  So back to Lose It, until I get back where I want to be.
  • I am watching the garden take shape.  The hubby and boys wrestled the rock to the backyard last night and set four of the barrels.
  • I am praying, almost, daily.  Something I've been trying to be conscience of doing better at.
I got my Day #7 assignment done, which was to photograph the light morning, afternoon, and evening.  Anytime there's light glinting off a large water source, I'm there - even if it is 7:00 in the morning.  I've waited years for the tree to be big enough to shade the backyard from the harsh afternoon sun.  And our sunsets are too clear for much color at the moment. Clear from evening clouds, but mostly clear - thank God - from the wildfire smoke.  I still need to do Day #6, yesterday's and I'm working on a different version of Day #8.

Yesterday was your first key for this week's Cook Out challenges based on building your ice cream sundae.  Here's today's key to create your card or layout, then just share a link to it in the comments.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream - White Ribbon
  • Chocolate Ice Cream - Patterned Paper with Brown in it
  • Frozen Yogurt - Use No Cardstock
  • Chocolate Sauce - Baker's Twine
  • Strawberry Sauce - Red Cardstock
  • Caramel Sauce - Something Glittered
  • Butterscotch Sauce - Plaid Patterned Paper
  • Marshmallows - Stick Pin
  • Chocolate Chips - Pearls
  • Maraschino Cherries - Rhinestones
  • Cookie Dough Chunks - Paper with Geometric Shapes
  • Gummy Bears - Transparency
  • Brownie Bites - Linen/Canvas Embellishment
  • Candy Bar Bits - Journaling Card
  • Sprinkles - Mini Brads
  • Whipped Cream - Cardstock Stickers
  • Nuts - Alphabet
You have until Sunday evening to complete this week's challenges.  ALL entries this week will get a Gift Code to Apron Strings.  If you haven't yet selected your ingredients you can do so today, just list your selections in the comments and then use the key for tomorrow to complete your layout or card..

Happy Wednesday,


carla said...

My ingredients will be: vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, brownie bites, whipped cream and cherry.

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

Hurray Carla!

I think I want that sundae. . .