Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Here I Come

I said it before, I always wonder what the year will bring as I'm setting up my newest planner.  Good things?  Bad things?  Trips?  Tests?  Surprises?  Kids getting another year older.  Grades they'll be in and what that will bring for them . . . in the fall we'll have a Senior.  A Senior!  Chokes me up now because I know it'll be here (and gone) before I realize it.

I'm not sure this year I have any specific intentions though.  At least nothing that I haven't wanted to do/done for the past couple years.  I've seen and read a lot of goals over the past few days.  I've seen lists for the 'fridge, note cards and albums.  I have my lists.  I post goals here.  The key is keeping them in front of me, physically, and putting it out there.  I'm not sure what it is about doing those steps, but it does keep me accountable and semi-on-track.

I enjoyed the scrappy projects I did last year and will more than likely participate in them again.

  • Project LifeR - with a new year, I have a new plan
  • Week In The Life - though I've always wanted to do a mini album, I tend to just blog the week.
  • December Daily - Hopefully I'll get my photos from 2013 printed and in the album before 2014's December rolls around
  • I'd love to get some cards made up, my stash is pretty depleted.  I mean I sell a card kit for crying out loud, you'd think I have a decent stash 
  • I'd like to do a little purging in my studio
House-wise, I really liked that 4 Week thing I did in mid-November.  I think I'll use the basis of the plan to continue getting to those areas of my home where you can see we've lived and accumulated 20+ years of stuff.  It was a low-key, non-overwhelming method.  That means when I sit to do my weekly menu planning, I'll sketch out a list of to-do's for the week and then break that list down into daily jobs.  I love lists and scratching things off them, so this should be a pretty good way to make my way around my house.  I also have a perpetual cleaning calendar I found a couple years ago that I can incorporate into my weekly list.

I lost a decent amount of weight last year, though I never quite got to my goal - I think I was just a few pounds shy before I started going back up.  I probably won't use the Lose It! app, though it did keep me on track when I was using it - so maybe.  I need to figure out how to move more.  I hate working out; it's totally boring to me.  Walking was good, but for me it's so weather dependent it's easy for me to not do it.  I liked a Pilates class I took several years ago.  I have a DVD, but I think I'm too self-conscious to do that at home.  I like the idea of a yoga class.  I'm probably someone who needs a partner to keep on track with such a thing.  Wonder if my daughter would want to do something like that, or if she'd have the time?

So, creative, home, personal intentions - that just leaves Apron Strings.  The last few years have been hard on the industry and Apron Strings wasn't immune to that.  I would like to add to the membership.  I want to see more interaction on the blog (more often than not I feel like I'm talking to myself, LOL.)  I want to grow the blog followers, Twitter/Facebook followers and newsletter sign-ups which.  I'd like to get my digital stamps up and running.  I'd like to get more consistent with my business cycle.  Scrapbooking is changing and at times it's pretty daunting for me, but I think it's still viable; not in the same way it was when Apron Strings began, but it's doable.

And so I'm back again to wondering what I will be looking back on as 2014 closes out.  Disappointments and challenges to be sure, but hopefully outweighing those will be unexpected joys, accomplishments and peace.

Happy Thursday,

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Charlene said...

You are not alone! :) Thanks for sharing! I would love to get organized and get a TON of pics scrapped in 2014! It's gonna be hard with 2 under the age of 2! When I can deplete some of my old stash, my goal is to sign up for the kit club. I have TONS of stuff! I have to show my hubby I am actually using this stuff ;) Bring on the challenges and projects!!! Thanks Lori. Hope you have a blessed 2014.