Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Time To Get Back At It

I've taken down the majority of Christmas decorations - just the tree to deal with (I've got one box packed, though looking at the tree you'd never know it.  Wrapping paper and boxes have been stowed away.  All new clothes have been washed.  New toys are now mixed with the old.  It must be time to get back into life.  Having the holidays fall mid-week is nice. . .there's those days after that you just crash and it's doubly nice because they aren't weekend-days.  The downside is you lose track of days and getting back into the swing of life seems trickier.

As I read year-end Tweets and posts I thought about wrapping things up in similar ways, but it was hard to get out of my comfy chair.  I watched several fun FlipAGrams on Instagram and Facebook and thought about doing one, but in my post-Holi "Daze" it seemed like too much work.  Did download the app though.  

Now that it's a week into 2014, and two of the four kids are back in school, it's time to get back at it.  I looked back at my 2013 goals and here's my FlipAGram (sans photos) recap:

  • Project Life - have all the photos taken, made it to June scrap-wise.  I will finish it up with my new "get it done" plan.
  • One Little Word - left in the dust about March
  • Lose It! - I lost it but regained it (or a portion of it)
  • De-cluttering - made decent progress in various places in the house; scrappy-wise, eh, not so much
  • Menu Planning - rocked it
  • Knitting - learned it.  Slowly but surely purling away.
  • Walking - no comment
  • Reading - blew through my backlog of books by May/June
  • Spiritual Life - always a work in progress
I am always intrigued, as I put dates on the new calendar, as to what the year will bring.  I've got plans - usually too many - but will share them once they make sense in my ever-spinning head.

Happy Tuesday,

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