Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just Do It

Charlene - two little ones under two is tricky. . .but I know you can get those "tons" of pics scrapped this year.  I can provide the challenges, you come up with strategies to carve the time to do them.  ;)  Maybe hubby can give lend a hand with wrangling the wee ones while you plow through that stash.  I found, when my older three were little, that nights, after they were in bed were my best shot.  Naps were for getting housework done.  Once they were down for the night they were down, so I could pretty much count on uninterrupted time.  It helped to realize that, because then I wasn't trying to find the time in during the day only to be disappointed and frustrated that I couldn't get anything crafty done.  I'd tell myself, "after tuck-ins" and it took the pressure off. . .still does.

Like yesterday, I knew my to-do list included something crafty.  And dang, it was a struggle to make it a to-do when there were other things to do; things I consider "chores."  Dishwasher that needed emptying, towels that needed folding, a few straggler boxes that needed to be labeled.  Well the boxes weren't getting picked up until the following morning, so why did it need to be the first thing done?  Why couldn't I make a quick card before I emptied the dishwasher?  It's definitely a change in how I think about crafting.  In the end, when I went down to my office the mess from shipping was too much to deal with, so I folded towels and pushed off the cleaning of the office.  This should have been my "do it anyway" moment to break the cycle.  But it was a rough month and I was weak.

However. . .I did knit.  The wind was, and still is, blowing like crazy so this seemed like a cozy thing to be doing.  Plus, it's on my list of things to finish, so I expect you'll be seeing this project a lot.

I do need to get my office cleaned.  I'm not inspired by clutter, and I can't work in it.  However, I can use it as an excuse, so I just need to clean and then make something.  In other words, clean it so I can make a mess.  Whaaa?

Happy Thursday,

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