Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cupid's Arrow - Valentine Treats

A big "Thanks" goes out to Kristin Perez for today's post on how she's making crafting a "to-do."

On this Valentine's Day the best Valentine gift I ever received turns eight. You see my daughter Amory came exactly one month early and disrupted my doctor's romantic dinner reservations, my older daughter's classroom Valentine party (went into labor at her school - it is still talked about at the school to do this day), and not too mention I had not finished washing all of her new things.

And for this reason now Valentine's Day is cake with candles and not dinner with candlelight, boxes filled with presents not boxes filled with chocolates, and a rosy cheeked little girl to love forever instead of a dozen roses to love for a short time.

I have been  making crafting a priority because Lori has inspired me to make crafting a priority.  So on the list of crafting is all of the things for Amory's birthday (she has picked a sugar skull inspired art party - it's tough - I will let you know how it goes), to scrap the last Disney trip before we leave Thanksgiving week for the next one, and tackling the scraps pile. In my effort to tackle the scraps I made cards. All of them are smaller than 4 X 4 and made completely from my scraps. All in all I made 107 of them. In this basket it doesn't seem like that much but they are all small and I have tackled A LOT of scraps.

I have cards for teachers, birthdays, and everything in between. It was such a sense of accomplishment! I highly suggest taking your scraps, your paper trimmer, adhesive and some ink and go to town. I also suggest removing yourself from where you usually scrap because you will want to add to what is intended to be a quick project! Meaning these cards are not embellished in anyway - they are all just paper and cardstock.

My next crafty project was the January Smaller than a Breadbox kit. In the kit were several arrow papers that screamed Cupid's arrow to me. Although Valentine's Day is a birthday day I also make small treats for my Valentine (my hubby Victor), my Valenteen (my daughter Priscilla), and my Valentiny (my daughter Amory). These are what I made:

On the girls' Valentines I bought heart shaped candies and cut out the arrows from the papers and created my own sweet arrows! For my husband I framed a piece of the arrow with the chalkboard paper, added a heart and a sentiment from the paper in the kit and wrote a little note on the inside how Cupid shot me with an arrow and the rest of the note is none of your business!

Make crafting a priority!


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wendipooh13 said...

cute cards!! and love the chocolates on the arrows!!!