Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Nights

Ever do something outside your routine?  Or maybe the thing is routine, but at a different time.  It's the same, but not.

Like this. . .It's not often I blog at night.  Instead of sun (or as with today, the grey clouds and falling snow) being seen through the window, it's dark out there.  Dim street lights and the odd car's headlights slide past the kitchen windows.  The porch light is on for my daughter, who is getting her "fix" at the high school hockey game.  There's a glow coming from the basement where my 13 y.o. is supposed to be doing homework.  Upstairs the 5 y.o. is snoring away.  The 15 y.o.'s bedroom light, where he's playing an online game with friends, provided the 5 y.o. comfort as he drifted to sleep.  Scents of dinner hang in the air.  The dishwasher is sloshing away.  Another load of towels tumbles dry.  Paperwork to send to school is laid out on the table.  I'm running DVR'd reruns to play in the background while I do computer work.  The house is oddly quiet this time of day.  Even the dog is quietly laying on her bed - usually she's under someones feet.

Sometimes a different perspective provides new inspiration.  Like today, I was struck with the idea that I need to quit making creative time a "reward."  I need to make it part of my weekly to do list.  To me this was a novel idea, one I've preached to others and one I'm sure some you are like, "Duh."  

Any "me" time has always been a reward; probably works that way for a lot of women.  I'd tell myself once I did X, Y and Z I'd stop and do something for myself.  That's nuts because my list is endless.  Guilt runs high.  So there is seldom me time.  I also need to remind myself I don't need three uninterrupted hours - it'd be nice, but let's be real, not likely to happen.  So, I'm going to add "Craft Time" to my weekly list and whether it's scrapbooking, or card making, or knitting, or something else crafty, even if all I get is 15 minutes, it'll be better than my reward time, which seldom ever comes.

Happy Tuesday,


Donna Nuce said...

Good idea Lori! Now post some of your crafty creations for us to see! You can do it!

Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Me time being a reward is so true! Often it doesn't happen because the to do list never becomes a ta da it's done list! I might just follow your lead and put some crafty time on my list!