Friday, January 17, 2014

Digital Magazines, Long Weekends and Good Bread

I love looking ahead to a three-day weekend.  So many things I could or would like to do.  The list is long, usually longer than the weekend.  I also tend to fight too-many-idea-itis which usually causes the sufferer to shut down completely, wandering aimlessly, watching too many back-to-back DVR'd show and thus not really accomplishing anything at all.

Last night while trying to convince myself to go clean up my office - I was using the, "I need a simple sketch for a card to get me rolling" excuse to browse the web -  I found that Scrapbook Generation has produced a magazine.  It's digital and it's FREE!  After that I gave up cleaning my office.  I flipped through it pretty quick, but I saw it's filled with sketches and plenty of inspiration to use this weekend.  Including lots of layouts using the Fancy Pants Timbergrove line from the Bigger January kit.

Speaking of magazines, Scrapbook & Cards Today also offers a FREE digital edition.  The editor of the magazine is Becky Fleck of PageMaps, who still provides Apron Strings members exclusive sketches with their monthly kits.  The current issue is filled with scrapbook sketches, layouts, cards and card sketches - lots of eye candy.  I think I may need to look into a tablet for viewing these magazines - my laptop takes up too much space.

I love white bread, what can I say.  I make it at home, which I tell myself is the better, if not healthier option.  This is my go-to recipe for bread, that I pinned from ShopGirl's blog to Pinterest.  I've posted about it before.  It has a soft texture.  It's no kneed.  It's practically fool proof.  It's good.  The only change I have to make to the recipe is add more water - which is pretty standard up here in super dry Colorado.  I decided to cut in some whole wheat flour to up the nutrition in this already proven bread.  I started with a 1/2 cup and the loaf is still nice and soft.  I sent the boys off with it in their lunches, so I haven't tasted it.  It smelled good though.

Time to go get something done before the draw of recorded shows keeps me rooted to my chair for the remainder of the day.  Not the way to start a three-day weekend.

Happy Friday,

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