Thursday, January 23, 2014

Now That's How You Do It and Project Life® 2013 Weeks 19 & 20

"My crafting as a priority is working - sort of! I finished my last two layouts with the January kit, took all my scraps and made 107 small cards, yes 107. All of them are 4 X 4 or less. Took me three days - dragging all of it to dance classes too. Also completed Amory's birthday invites. Thank you for inspiring me and challenging to make crafting a priority instead of a reward!" ~ Kristin Perez

First, just gotta say, "Holy Crap, Kristin!  107 cards!"  And you're welcome. . .you are definitely proof that a small change in perspective can wipe away the excuses we use for not crafting and then bemoaning not crafting.  Awesome.  Now. . .I wanna see those cards, LOL.

I already talked about my struggles to get my mind-set changed to make the crafting I love (and miss) from a reward to a to-do.  These layouts for my Project Life® 2013 I completed a few weeks ago and they've been sitting on my work table waiting to be photographed and moved to my album (which is now done.)  

The scraps, however, cluttered my table and taunted me.  I had used the cardstock for the pages (both traditional 12x12 and pocket), I had punched some random circles from one sheet and cut up two others for the journaling block and a filler.There wasn't much left in the way of embellies.  The remains of this Smaller than a Breadbox kit from 2013 - I think it was March or April - became my "warm-up."  I decided to make a card to get me into "doing" and picked a sketch from an Aly Dosdall Big Picture Class I took.

I seldom add the sentiment - that makes the cards flexible for whatever event I need them for; I just write it in when I use it.  What was left, you ask?  A fairly full sheet of the circle paper will go to the kindergartners and scraps from the other two into the trash.  The two jewel flowers and brads will go into my stash.

Happy Thursday,

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