Friday, January 31, 2014

We Got Snow, We Got Food, We Got Plans

We finally got some decent snow to cover up all this brown - this wicked, wicked brown.  Unfortunately I had to go out in the snow.  I was secretly hoping for the 12" they called for and a closure of schools.  Unfortunately, all the high totals stayed north and east of us.  Well, and to the west where they are expecting feet instead of inches.

Being in Colorado, aka Bronco country, I think it's the law to gather and watch the Super Bowl.  We aren't huge football followers, but we'll be watching and cheering and I'll find some munchies to throw out for the game.  Now whether I'm watching the game in the family room or down in my studio remains to be seen.  As for a winner . . . weeelllll . . . our sunrises and sunset have been blue and orange lately.  I'm just sayin'.

Speaking of food, my menu planning this week was all Pinterest.  While the dishes aren't munchie-fare or typical game-day foods, any of them would work to put out whether you're watching the game or crafting the game away.

  • Creamy Chicken (Turkey) and Wild Rice Soup - I used rotisserie chicken and true wild rice, rather than a wild rice mix.  The rice "bled" a bit so the color instead of golden was a bit more muddy - but it was one of the best soups I've had.  Creamy, rich, and the wild rice was just the thing.  This would make a good day-after-Thanksgiving soup, or an "I'm scrapping, go pour yourself a bowl."
  • One-Pan Enchilada Pasta using this homemade enchilada sauce.  This was a quick to put together meal.  It needed a bit more punch seasoning-wise, but I think it was because I should have used my taco seasoning when the meat was cooking rather than waiting until it was cooked like I do when I make tacos.  The enchilada sauce was a first try and it was good.  I only used 3 of the 4 tablespoons of chili powder - next time I'll use the 4th.  It, too, was a quick to pull together piece.  Overall it was well received by the family.  I may try cojita cheese along with the cheddar.
  • Kentucky Hot Brown Bake - the blogger of this recipe said it's not the real thing, never having the real thing I wouldn't know.  But it was good.  I found the crescent sheets (I hate trying to pinch those rolls together.)  I may choose a thinner cut of turkey next time and the kids wanted more bacon.  I also will put parchment under to try to crisp up the bottom crust a bit more.  It would be great for brunch.
  • Slow Cooker Bacon Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken - this was fast to pull together and really good.  I used chicken thighs.  The sauce got a little thinned because the thighs were still partially frozen.  If I'd cared, or had the thought at the time, I could have probably reduced the sauce to get it a little thicker.
  • Spreads - These are like short bread bars.  Totally yummy and easy to whip up.  Top with any and all manner of goodies - like, oh, orange and blue M&M's maybe. ;D

My hard-to-get-going day isn't moving along much - I'll blame the snow.

Happy Friday,

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