Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have You Been Following?

Did you go over and play at the Big Picture Festival? It wraps up today - and it's been a lot of fun. Little journaling prompts to complete, a chance to create layouts expounding on those prompts and a chance to win. I missed, which really bums me out, because I had great ideas and photos, just not enough time, but I did do one and it was really fun to "go another direction" with the photo. If you haven't been, take a jump over there and read a little, look a little and give one of the prompts a try on your next layout.

The Big Picture class in combination with Elle's Studio Blog FREE class "Journaling: In Your Own Words" has been a great exercise in thinking about what I write on my layouts. Not only getting the okay to do just the who-what-where, but also great reminders on things I already know (but forget to use) and some ideas on other directions to take my thoughts before putting pen to paper. Apron Strings is a sponsor over at Elle's, if you haven't already left your comment to win, check out HERE to do so. If you haven't followed along on the tips, I highly recommend going and reading the daily posts. They're quick, but worth the reminder; sometimes it's not always what the pictures are about. It's good to step off the page every now and then and breath a different life into typical photos.

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