Friday, August 13, 2010

My Croppy Summer Photo Assignment #4


Really, I don't know why I try to do things during the shipping period of the month. . .it just never works the way my mind would have me think it should. Which explains why I haven't posted since Monday, though I can't believe it was Monday. . .but it's there, in black and white.

A quick clarification on the Photo Assignments before I post today's: You take the individual photos, link those to the posts and then use all the photos to create one layout - sort of "This is my home" kind of layout. Not individual layouts for each photo you shoot.

Okay, so in my home there are little touches around the house that make me happy. Little pieces of decor that say, this is where we live, this is our life. It's what makes the house a home. Some have sentimental value and some are just items that when I look at them make me smile, sometimes on the inside, sometimes on the outside. I'm a scrapbooker, so it stands to reason there are plenty of photos in my home. These are on my dresser and are of my babies - when they were babies. Please DON'T note that Matthew is not represented here. He's still a baby. They're lacy and gauzy and billow in the breezes. I love billowing curtains - it's one of my 100 Favorite Things. Wedding Day photos of two of my three sisters, my mom and my grandmother. My mom and grandmother had their wedding photos shot by the same photographer, so he "welded" their photos into one. The one sister on the left is wearing my mom's wedding dress. The "wedding wall" as everyone calls it. It's sort of the family tree in wedding day photos. There's parents, siblings and grandparents up there.
My wedding bouquet. My husband's pocket watch and boutonniere are on the opposite wall. I love the beading. Makes my dining room feel formal, which is no easy task considering there is no dining room furniture. Still . . .with four kids running rampant through the house I'll take "grown-up" where I can get it. These are from the grandmother whose recipes I have. They're little objects I remember from her home that I'm lucky enough to have. They sit on two of her cookbooks in my kitchen.
Ignoring the penguin behind the base, these catch the light and bounce little rainbows all over my family room. It only happens twice a year, for a short period of time, when the light changes and comes in through the windows high up near the ceiling. Otherwise, they still glitter, but it's the rainbows that I love. I have three of these - they are huge (seriously, huge!) and take up the drive-in-movie-screen of a wall in my family room. Really, we could show movies on that thing. Or a good game of racket ball if I were the athletic type. No, it's not a decorator touch, but these are everywhere - usually the pieces, usually on sprinkled on the floors and usually found when bare feet are around or the vacuum in going. Nope, not decor, but simple reminders of other people's collections and that for now, I still have small people running rampant in my house. Note, I have neglected to show you the socks and other assorted clothing items of said people.

So today, go out and shoot those items that make you happy and declare "this is where we live." Remember the due date for all the photos to be linked and the ONE layout featuring your photos is due August 20th.


Francine said...

Great photos Lori. I love the idea of your wedding wall!! I might need to replicate that idea at my place if you don't mind ;P

Lori said...

Thanks - I love looking at the photos on that wall. I'm missing a couple wedding photos up on the wall - though I have the actual photos, just not the frames and my other grandmother's photo I have, but the frame needs fixing. Given that you're in Australia, I don't see having two wedding walls in the world a problem :) Hang away!