Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Croppy Summer Photo Assignment #3

I suffer from chinaitis and collectorous recipedome syndrome. Both serious conditions, but as of yet there are no known cures or treatments; thank goodness. Outside of the retail therapy, that is, which has only a temporary affect on the symptoms, creating a euphoric feeling, until the next catalog or magazine arrives, then that need-it feeling sets back in. I have six different sets of dishes - that's not a typo - my husband is my enabler. When I get a new Pfaltzgraff catalog my heart races and I need to be alone, uninterrupted with the catalog. The dishes are one way I decorate for the seasons - one set for each season that I rotate in and out. So at least the fruits of my addiction are getting used ;) Below are my four seasonal sets; summer, spring, fall and winter. I also have my good china and a set of plastic-ware for outside and picnics.
I also can't seem to resist cookbooks, or recipes. But mostly cookbooks. Luckily, they too get used, but still they are, or were, taking up some serious room in my pantry and on my counter - though I did just go through my collection and kept only what I am using right now. Well, and seasonal books. And dessert books. And my husband's grilling, smoking and beer books. And all my magazines. I did recycle several subscriptions, but I wasn't using them, so away they had to go. See I have control. But I love cookbooks, especially when they have stories with them. Right now I'm partial to "Farm Chicks" and "The Pioneer Woman" (though I'm waiting for cooler temps to take on her recipes.) I used to be a big tearer-outer of recipes, and still do from time to time, butI think my magazines are keeping that "monkey" quiet. I have some recipes and cookbooks from my paternal grandmother that sit on a shelf in my kitchen along with a few other pieces I got when she passed away. I wish I had an apron or two from my maternal grandmother, who, in my memories, always seemed to be wearing one in my. Hmmm. . .aprons. I feel the tug of need.
We all have something we collect, or maybe have more than we should have of any one thing. Look around for those items that make-up part of your home decor and take a photo or two of them. These photos, along with the resulting layout will be due August 15th.

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