Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Croppy Summer Assignment #30

I've decided to just call them Moon Walks, since I'm 0 for 2 on getting the walk in on the actual night of the full moon. Plus, the "Full Moon Walk" sort of sounds like something along the lines of "The Full Monty" and we don't do those kinds of walks.

So, we had plans for the walk last night, but with a late-ending soccer practice, then needing to eat dinner and then a couple errands to run and the plan sort of fell apart. The kids were excited for another walk, and I'm sure it had nothing to do with walking around Olde Town near the candy store. But the errands took longer than we though, so we put the plan on hold. We'll shoot for tonight. However, I was ready to capture what we did do - which ended up being the errands. Taking a cue from a couple of the classes I've taken about capturing moments, I decided to document what we DID do on this "walk" and will just add in tonight's true walk along with it.

So here's our first attempt at the second Moon Walk. My little man who when he sees the camera is a happy ham, luckily, since at any given time one of four people are aiming one at him.

Then there are my two older boys, who are much happier about the possibility of the walk than they currently appear. Really. They are. Really.

And then there's this. My 13 y.o. daughter who is: a) part vampire, b) startled by the sudden burst of light, c) is practicing her "paparazzi" moves, or d) a teenager. If you guessed, "D" then you are correct. I've told her, I'll use what ever you give me, so if you want years and years of this kind of photo, I'm okay with that. It's going in your book though, so your choice. Stay tuned.

In honor of actually attempting the Moon Walk on the actual full-moon night, though unsuccessful, create a layout today using the color gold, and at least three round items, one of them large. This, and any other assignments are due on Sunday - which will close out the "My Croppy Summer" assignments.

Enjoy your day!

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