Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blue Plate Special

It's Spring Break time . . . well depending on where you are as the times vary across the country - I have one next week, and one the following week - but it means a break in routine and running around.  A nice breather.  If you're enjoying the stay-cation variety and you plan to enjoy a little personal time (or maybe you'll eventually find yourself in "time out" because the kids are driving you crazy) you'll need something to do.  

Today's Blue Plate Special will provide you with that something to do.  All Year Cheer Card kits are on sale (save up to 50%) and because they come with full-color instructions, you can crank through a variety of cards for any occasion in no time at all!

So whether you've never tried a card kit and want to (and then come sign-up to continue getting one every month) or maybe you missed one, it's time to head over today to snatch one.

Blue Plate Special pricing is good today only, Wednesday March 20th

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