Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jar Freak and March Madness - Day #13

This could be one of those posts where I tell you something you don't know - something people close to me probably don't know.  But I'm not that secure in my quirks, so I'll just share one.

I love. . .L.O.V.E. . .Ball (or Mason, I'm not picky) Jars.  Vintage ones.  Colored ones.  Vintage and colored.  Modern day.  Big ones.  Little ones.  Filled ones.  Empty ones.  Jars as vases.  Jars as glasses.  Jars as baking vessels.  Jars as candle holders.  I don't care.  I love them!  I've thought of creating a Pinterest Board strictly for jar ideas.  My fear is that I wouldn't be able to stop.  You thought I had a recipe obession problem.  That would pale in comparison.  It's pathetic really, but it's me...

The appeal, you may ask?  The versatility.  The symbol of a simpler time.  The image of small towns.  The idea of being more self reliant.  It's all wrapped up in one simple little jar.

So imagine my pure excitement when I saw this link on a blog.  I couldn't get over there fast enough and create an account.  Before I knew it there was a receipt in my inbox for a box of these little lovelies.   Ball is doing a whole celebration - yes, signed up for the newsletter so I'm in the know - and this is one of their limited editions.  Yes.  It seems there will be others.  Yes.  I will be on board with every one.  These special jars may appear on my Mother's Day list, or maybe my birthday list.  Anniversary.  Even Christmas for someone who may want to think ahead. ;D

Today's March Madness inspiration comes initially through Pinterest to Fox Hollow Cottage's blog.  Draw your inspiration from image.  I love the soft colors - yellow, grey, white, spring green.  That large graphic bunny is awesome!  The little Freesia sprinkled on the mantle.  The dimensional butterflies on various pieces.  The row of birdhouses.  If you click through you can see her whole fireplace - wow - and closer views of the detail.

Continue to share your creations this month via links to the comments.

Happy First Day of Spring!


Suzy said...

I made an easter card with yellow and brown :)

Thanks for these challenges all month long!


Deanna said...

I was inspired by the spring colors of the image.


Lori said...

Colors are perfect. I like how you are using the diecut cardstock. Seems like you're digging into some stash.

Lori said...

Suzy - love that bunny's oversized head. Big-headed creatures just make me smile.