Friday, March 29, 2013

Food, Wishes and Final Day of March Madness

Friday - one of two days my kids have for Spring Break that overlap (the other is Monday).  My daughter is in a public high school and their break was this week.  My boys are in a private K-8 and their break begins today and runs through next week.  Makes it hard to do much as a family, especially since their overlapping days are over the Easter weekend, which is usually packed with its own things to do.  (shrug)  Whatcha gonna do?

Weather this weekend should be rainy in spots, but warmer temps.  Which simply means that when we're standing in the rain, on the sidelines of the soccer game, we won't be totally freezing.  As I look out the back window I see our Green Ash is starting to bud, the grass while a matted mess is beginning to green.  I noticed daffodils poking up along the front walk.  If I looked out on the east-side terraces, I'm sure I'd spy a tulip leaf or two as well.  Spring's coming.

Given the Easter holiday this weekend my thoughts turned to what to eat on Sunday morning.  Then my mom invited us to breakfast and I didn't worry about what to fix for the family that had stuffed themselves on chocolate eggs and peeps.  But, if you're doing the cooking you can give this Baked Strawberry Oatmeal a shot.  It's a nice change from the traditional egg dishes (or in addition to them), the strawberries add a nice Spring pop and it can be made ahead and reheated in the morning.  I've got a batch sitting in my 'fridge that I'll eat over the next couple of days (it keeps a week in the 'fridge.)

And because it's our meatless Friday meal - the last mandatory one - I'm making fish tacos.  It's a good serves-a-lot-of-people meal, since I'm hosting in the in-laws tonight and frankly, they're just good!  The only change I've made to the recipe is that I don't serve them on tostada shells - I do soft corn taco shells and I'll break up the fish a bit more.  I may actually cut the fish, prior to breading it, into smaller, bite-sized pieces.  I'll probably mix up some rice for the side and call it a meal.

Now, as I mentioned it's the last March Madness challenge.  I see them everywhere - layered flowers.  They're gorgeous, but they're a little pricey.  Today's challenge is for you to make some for your card, layout or Spring-themed decor.  There are tutorials all over Pinterest.  You can go with a fairly simple design like these.

Or try something a little more elaborate like these.

You'll have until Sunday at midnight to link up any work in the various comments to gain your eligibility for the drawing.

Finally, I hope you enjoy a beautifully peace-filled Easter weekend.

Happy (Good) Friday,

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