Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday March Madness

Monday is cold and grey.  Kind of a shock after the 60+ temps we had over the weekend.  It was lovely.  The only unfortunate thing is it melted all the snow off the grass areas and now you can see the ugly once again.  :/  Oh, well, I have a ton of things to keep me more than busy today, the least of which is filling my kitchen with yummy smells - always good on a cold, grey day!

This weekend for me was full and because of that I don't feel like I got much done - I was moving, running around and doing stuff, but nothing that was on the to-do list.  Though I did wrangle up the dresser from the basement to the upstairs hall where one day I will tackle organizing the linen closet and use the dresser to help hold seasonal items that otherwise clutter the poor closet.  You know, I love all those photos of linen closets all neat and tidy.  But I always have to ask, "How many people are in your house?  How many beds?  And where the heck are you storing everything else?  'Cause it's not hard to have a closet that looks like that when you have one or two people in the house.  Show me a real closet!"  We have five beds, sheet sets for each for fall/winter and spring/summer, towels for six people times four sets, seasonal quilts, blankets and spare pillows.  Plus medicine, personal fare - like toothpaste, soap and first aid stuff - stored in there as well.  I'm lucky to have a very large walk-in closet, but it's the only one for the whole house, there's no room in bedrooms or bathrooms to store stuff, so we've managed to fill it.

I also made it to my next knitting class where I will be making a sweater vest - it's cute and should be a nice between-season kinda thing.  I'm loving the yarn I picked though - a warm coral - and the sweater isn't quite as boxy as it looks on the pattern. 

I'm not a basketball fan of any sorts, outside of when my kids played, I don't follow it.  But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the ceremony and craziness surrounding March Madness. . .or use it in my own crafty way to get you creating!  This monthly we'll go crazy-mad for creating.  I'll post challenges during the week, and you'll have all month to create.  Post your links to the appropriate posts to be eligible for the Madness-y sized prize at the end of the month.

We'll start today with a simple sketch.  One from PageMaps.  I love PageMaps and Becky and not just because she provides Apron Strings with exclusive sketches - they're just fun and easy to use. 

Now, I'm not a one-photo scrapper gal, at all.  But. . .this photo is large enough to place four smaller ones in its place, or even six squares running vertically.  I'm always wondering what to do with tickets and this sketch caught my eye simply for its use of tickets.  You can find examples using this sketch (if you need a nudge) HERE.

This card Map uses stamps instead of tickets, but you can certainly use up the remainder of that ticket strip or ticket paper with this card.  You can also find a nudge of inspiration HERE

Let the madness begin.
Happy Monday,


Deanna said...

Yay! So glad to hear we're having more challenges! LOVE the PageMaps!

Lori said...

Yeah I seem to be on a roll. :)

Deanna said...

Here's my version on the layout sketch.

"A Day To Remember"

Lori said...

And here we have the beginning of your roll ;D