Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Madness - Day #18

Yesterday was registration for the 2013-14 school year at the kids' school.  Shoot, it's not even the school for all of them anymore - two will be at the high school in the fall.  Holy crap!

So it was registration for my former-youngest and the current (and last) youngest; a future 7th grader and a kindergartner.  Oh my.  That's a pause-able moment.  No tears.  Where have the years gone?

Ever have those moments?  Where you're doing something totally inane and you look around and wonder how you got here?  From somewhere in your early 20's doing pretty much nothin' to picking up dirty socks, with four kids, a 4-bedroom mortgage and you find yourself in your 40's - and not on the just-past-30 side of 40?

(Shaking myself out of the reverie) It must be the winter-has-got-to-be-almost-over-Spring-should-be-coming-soon depression.  I need something . . . a good strong drink?  LOL, or maybe something a little less bracing like today's March Madness inspiration.  Something colorful and fun.  Like these adorable eggs covered in Washi Tape; the current craze sweeping paper crafting.  I have a couple rolls of it myself.  A roll or two have appeared in the kits.  Super versatile and colorful and a wide variety of designs.  Now, I'm not saying you need to wrap eggs, but how cute are they?  And the wreath?  (Both found on Pinterest - where else?)  Plastic, paper mache, the real-deal.  In a bowl, a basket or hanging from a few branches or one of those multi-seasonal trees.  A fun and quick craft.  But how will they inspire you?  Maybe you need to break out those rolls you have.  Maybe it's the colors.  Maybe it's crafting your Easter cards.  Maybe it's pulling out those photos from two years ago that still need documenting.  Shoot, you can even mimic the look of Washi Tape by cutting up strips of different patterned paper and using them on cards, layouts or mini books.  You decide.

Get your project linked in the comments before the end of the month to be eligible for goodies.

Happy Wednesday.


Deanna said...

Here's mine for this challenge and the details are on my blog.

"I Love Easter"

Jessica Navarro said...

Here is mine for this challenge. I used an Easter themed layout with colorful eggs!

Lori said...

Deanna - that layout is great and just proves theme or no-theme paper can work for any event!

Lori said...

Jessica - first the purple is a great foil for the aqua dress. Second, holy cow, look at all the elements you worked so seamlessly into one layout!